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  1. NCangler

      Post Crossing the Line(s), North Carolina Estuarine Striped Bass.

    Albemarle Striped Bass
    by Capt. Gary Dubiel

    North Carolina’s Department of Marine Fisheries (DMF) and Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) have established a complex management system to maintain a massive number of resident striped bass in the Albemarle/Pamlico Sound and Roanoke River. Once reduced to numbers small enough to make recreation fishing hardly worth the effort, “line siders” have now become the shining star of the Tar Heel State’s spring recreational fishery. Achiev
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    Author:: Capt. Gary Dubiel
  2. NCangler

      Post Colours of Night Life

    Colors of Night Life
    by Scott Morris

    If you like sport fishing, you surely will like to fish for redfish. This feisty species is one of the best fighters in the inshore spectrum and, cooked correctly, a great addition to the barbeque menu. Even some restaurants have adopted the fish as a specialty. For example, at the famous Redfish Seafood Grill and Bar on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, they headline, “At Redfish, we serve up a parade of award-winning French Quarter specialties, i
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    Author:: Scott Morris

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