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  1. NCangler

      Post Night Fishing for Specks - Go on Top When the Bite Slows

    Night Fishing for Specks - Go On Top When the Bite Slows
    by Capt. Gary Ralston

    Night feeding speckled trout chasing live shrimp skipping across the surface are exciting to watch and are usually easy to catch. At times their numbers can be quite large and their rapid popping and slurping while feeding can make the water appear as if someone is repeatedly tossing in handfuls of gravel.

    Typically, plastic bait tails or double rigged jigs/worms are the number one choice of most n
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    Author:: Capt. Gary Ralston
  2. captgary

      North Carolina's Pamlico Slam

    NC Pamlico Slam
    by Capt. Gary Dubiel

    The mechanical voice of NOAA came across the air ways, “Winds east northeast twenty to twenty five knots for tomorrow.” I dialed the phone to break the bad news to a couple of anglers who had been waiting for six months to tangle with a little tunny at Cape Lookout.

    “I know you all came to fish Harkers for albacore,” I said, “but its going to be blowing pretty hard tomorrow. We could give it a try, but if there’s more east than north in the
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    Author:: Capt. Gary Dubiel

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