If you've posted on this or other forums for awhile you probably know what all the buttons around the "Message" window are for. And you've probably used the Quote button before.

But you may not have noticed this new button and you may wonder how it works:
This is the MultiQuote button.

When you click on it, it turns, red:

But, what does it do?

If you want to quote things that others have said in their post in order to respond to them, you can use the Quote or MultiQuote buttons to simplify the process. Simply click on the Quote or MultiQuote button of the post(s) that you wish to comment on, then scroll to the bottom of that thread and click on the Post Reply button.

When the reply page loads, you will see the posts you selected quoted. You can remove unneeded text in order to show the specific quote that you are responding to. You can also type comments between the posts with your own comments.


You can also take quotes from another post, or another forum and edit them into your new post. This is useful if you want to discuss something that was said in another thread or another forum here on NCangler.com.

Simply go to the post that you want to quote and click on the Multi-Quote button.

Then, if there is another post someomewhere else on the site that you want to include, go click on that one. Do this as many times as necessary to include all the quotes you want to reply to in one post.

Keep in mind that Threads should be organized around specific topics. If you have too many topics in one thread or post it will make it more difficult to find specific topic information later. So try to organize your toptics into different threads.

Finally, you go to the thread you want to create a new Reply in and click on Post Reply and all the quotes you selected with the MultiQuote button will appear.

Here is a sample of what MultiQuote will look like:

Quote Originally Posted by NCangler View Post
I've added a Tide Table Calculator to the "Weather Data" module located on our home page.
This is a test of MultiQuote.

Quote Originally Posted by NCangler View Post
Hi all. I've modified the weather information module on our home page some. If you add your Zip Code to your User Profile your local forecast will automatically show up on the home page.

If you have any questions about how this works, please post in the Help Desk or send us an email.