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  • Bleedingblue's Avatar
    03-26-2019, 11:26 AM
    Anybody following this? There have been a bunch of fish over 7 lbs caught this morning with the biggest 8-0. Makes me wish I was out there. If...
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  • boxer dog's Avatar
    04-09-2019, 07:00 PM
    boxer dog started a thread Inshore What you Trout Fish For ! in NC Coast
    I was blessed to catch this Trout Monday and after taking a few pictures and checking her length she was released to go spawn. She was almost 27...
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  • Fireyakker's Avatar
    03-26-2019, 09:35 PM
    Has anyone been out to the Eno? Haven't had time so far this year. Should be time for the big run
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  • Wademo's Avatar
    03-29-2019, 09:26 PM
    Looking for some fellow anglers to go out into the big deep! I went out a few times (no further than a mile yet) last summer/fall and got HOOKED. ...
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  • CityboyNC's Avatar
    04-14-2019, 07:18 PM
    CityboyNC started a thread Surf Cape Lookout Help in Saltwater Fishing
    Me and a few buddies are staying in a shack on cape lookout later this month. None of us are experienced saltwater anglers so any info on the area...
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  • steven.brewster's Avatar
    04-04-2019, 11:35 PM
    Amazing quick trip during lunch break catching one small trout, a catfish, and two larger trout 24, and 27 inches. If you know the spot then you...
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  • spidey's Avatar
    04-07-2019, 09:12 PM
    Not looking for secret locations etc but I have never fished Jordan lake and going out Wednesday with a guy who had been on it once and seems like...
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  • Dr Steve's Avatar
    03-25-2019, 10:30 PM
    Dr Steve started a thread Sound Kitty Hawk Bay? in Kayak Fishing
    In May I'll be right next to Kitty Hawk Bay, on the East edge of Albemarle Sound, with my 'yak & gear. Any advice on what to fish for, what to...
    13 replies | 505 view(s)
  • Chris52's Avatar
    04-08-2019, 01:36 PM
    So I have had pretty good success this past winter finding and catching speckled trout. I really focused on finding warm pockets of water, usually...
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  • grandpaa's Avatar
    03-29-2019, 07:20 PM
    grandpaa started a thread Lake Lake mackintosh in NC Piedmont
    Went out to lake mackintosh crappie fishing. Crappy bite slow they was moving constantly!! But a bass fisherman throwing a topwater jerkbait!! Much...
    12 replies | 818 view(s)
  • Rogrock's Avatar
    04-06-2019, 08:32 AM
    Went with my buddy to Harris on Thursday. After seeing the MLF boys catching them up in the skinny water last Sunday, we decided to give it a try. ...
    8 replies | 610 view(s)
  • The Mad Duck's Avatar
    04-01-2019, 08:15 AM
    The Mad Duck started a thread Heading East in NC Coast
    A buddy and I are headed East this coming weekend to fish the Lower Roanoke and its black water creeks. We are going to be targeting...
    11 replies | 662 view(s)
  • matt1991's Avatar
    04-07-2019, 03:04 PM
    decided im gonna go try t flat the yadkin when i go there next week im curious though of where would be a good palace to put in at and if there are...
    11 replies | 411 view(s)
  • hopm's Avatar
    04-06-2019, 10:11 AM
    We have a 24' seark center console we use inshore. The depth sounder on it is unreliable and needs replaced. Trolling motor is terrible. Anyone with...
    8 replies | 458 view(s)
  • Samuel999's Avatar
    04-01-2019, 08:49 AM
    I have been using a Deeper Sonar Pro as a fish finder on my 2016 Outback Hobie. It is OK, however I would like to upgrade to a GPS/fishfinder with...
    10 replies | 338 view(s)
  • mtn appraiser's Avatar
    03-29-2019, 10:05 AM
    Can't wait any longer! Heading out of Boone next week and picking up my camper in supply and heading out to wherever the whiting/Va mullet are...
    8 replies | 492 view(s)
  • badankles's Avatar
    04-09-2019, 02:34 PM
    I was able to save up enough for a decent pair of waders recently but didn't think it through on how best to store the thing since I don't really...
    8 replies | 272 view(s)
  • nc35hunter's Avatar
    03-25-2019, 10:01 PM
    I took my 8-year old twins to Stone Mtn and the Mitchell for some trout this weekend. They were more interested in playing in the creeks, catching...
    6 replies | 457 view(s)
  • Shoaldonkey's Avatar
    03-26-2019, 06:52 PM
    Been lurking on here for a while and thought I'd make it official finally and sign up! Also figured I'd open with a fishing report request - might as...
    9 replies | 424 view(s)
  • greendave41's Avatar
    04-08-2019, 10:26 PM
    greendave41 started a thread Lake Hyco Report 4/6/19 in NC Piedmont
    This trip was a maiden voyage for my new pedal kayak - I picked up the Perception Pescador Pilot 120 the night before. I've owned the Pescador Pro...
    8 replies | 255 view(s)
  • steven.brewster's Avatar
    03-27-2019, 09:26 PM Words can't really describe what we witnessed that day. Get out there and get you...
    7 replies | 514 view(s)
  • therooke2013's Avatar
    03-29-2019, 05:37 PM
    therooke2013 started a thread Carolina rig in Bank Fishing
    Hey guys! I’ve only been fishing a couple time. I have a 6’6” rod med power and fast action. I was wondering if this rod would be fine to try a...
    8 replies | 311 view(s)
  • Rick66's Avatar
    04-04-2019, 09:56 PM
    Had a good day catching some nice pan fish today with some help from some red wigglers. Bite was slow but at least we landed some today, could not...
    6 replies | 407 view(s)
  • Kayankee's Avatar
    04-02-2019, 03:35 PM
    Kayankee started a thread Stone mountain in Fly-Fishing
    When fishing this park, do you need to register or check in, or simply park and fish. Thanks all
    6 replies | 283 view(s)
  • inafog's Avatar
    04-02-2019, 04:08 PM
    Has anyone seen any signs of Chopper Blues yet, or heard of any? Thanks!
    5 replies | 466 view(s)
  • outcast19v's Avatar
    04-09-2019, 03:56 PM
    outcast19v started a thread Inshore Change in Plans in NC Coast
    Decided on heading to Oriental instead of the Pungo. Am I correct that the ramp is beside the bridge? Best to stay in the creek and fish?
    6 replies | 451 view(s)
  • matt1991's Avatar
    04-04-2019, 07:22 PM
    gonna be moving there soon ill be living off highway 77 close to lake norman but was told it isnt very good for flathead catfish iv been doing lots...
    8 replies | 345 view(s)
  • panfish jack's Avatar
    04-11-2019, 06:55 PM
    panfish jack started a thread River Neuse 4/11/19 in NC Coast
    Went up to check out the panfish bite today. Plenty of fish in the Neuse. Water temp were in the upper 60s.
    6 replies | 420 view(s)
  • awcrow91's Avatar
    04-20-2019, 11:37 AM
    awcrow91 started a thread Surf Surf Spanish setup in Saltwater Fishing
    Looking for a rod/reel combo that doesnít break the bank. Iím aware that I need a pretty high speed reel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    5 replies | 306 view(s)
  • porcha's Avatar
    04-08-2019, 03:16 PM
    Headed offshore yesterday with the usual suspects. Fished with Capt Rick and everything came together; wind, waves, the bite. Boated 24 blackfins,...
    6 replies | 401 view(s)
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