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  • jerry condrey's Avatar
    08-06-2019, 04:36 PM
    As we all know by now, flounder fishing is being banned come August 23d, because of a decline in the stocks of the southern flounder. My question is,...
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  • Ninja Rooster's Avatar
    07-21-2019, 05:11 PM
    I have a boat. 18 foot center console. 3 years old with a 115hp Mercury. For some reason; I got the wild idea to see if my friend still had his old...
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  • GreyGhost's Avatar
    08-08-2019, 10:24 AM
    I would like to take Linda back down to Fort Fisher Basin in September. We enjoyed exploring the marsh areas and watching the wild life and catching...
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  • grandpaa's Avatar
    07-28-2019, 02:18 PM
    grandpaa started a thread Lake mackintosh in NC Piedmont
    Went to McIntosh today!! Lo and behold they finally done it!! They shut down all bass tournament on that lake!! May have closed all tournaments down...
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  • roostertail24's Avatar
    07-21-2019, 06:01 PM
    Where would i search for bigger ones and what bait is best? Thinking squid. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
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  • Dylar's Avatar
    08-11-2019, 05:26 PM
    Dylar started a thread The End of an Era in Fly-Fishing
    I have spent half a lifetime on the run, almost four decades—38 years—of headlong flight from a fact about myself that for most of my life, I...
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  • a.scientist's Avatar
    08-06-2019, 08:29 PM
    How useful do you find standing in a kayak? I predominantly for fish for bass on Jordan/Harris. Background: Bought a used OK Trident 13 last...
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  • smokemup's Avatar
    08-03-2019, 12:38 PM
    Pretty sure it's law. :p Anyway, I'm gonna do it, just don't know anything about it around here (Garner, NC). Nor do I have any gear left, but I...
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  • henchman's Avatar
    08-12-2019, 12:13 PM
    I'm headed down with my 19' sea pro to stay at Atlantic beach/morehead city for the week and usually put our boat in a slip at Anchorage marina right...
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  • hopm's Avatar
    07-28-2019, 06:20 PM
    hopm started a thread Trying to learn in Saltwater Fishing
    The tidal coefficient for Wednesday of this week is 93 morning and 97 afternoon. Suggests extreme high and extreme low and warns of stronger than...
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  • JM76's Avatar
    08-12-2019, 01:51 PM
    JM76 started a thread Bowfin! in Freshwater Fishing
    Was out at Panther Lake last week and caught a huge bowfin on a whopper plopper. Man, this thing was a beast! 7+ pounds. Didn't even know what it...
    11 replies | 351 view(s)
  • philjam's Avatar
    07-20-2019, 10:36 AM
    Neighbor is moving, gave me a 30gal. circulating tank (tank you Capt.) I am keeping mud minnows in it for bait. Have become obsessed with them....
    9 replies | 573 view(s)
  • philjam's Avatar
    07-29-2019, 02:25 PM
    Am ready to learn about and fish for bull reds. Have the gear figured out, want to know where to look for them. Could they expect to be found around...
    8 replies | 737 view(s)
  • DJohnson's Avatar
    07-27-2019, 09:25 AM
    DJohnson started a thread Inshore Decisions in Kayak Fishing
    Looking for some opinions. Looking at getting a new pedal powered kayak and have narrowed my search down to five kayaks and want some unbiased...
    9 replies | 465 view(s)
  • judbrockfishing's Avatar
    08-05-2019, 07:18 PM
    The fishing in the Lower Cape Fear River has been really good the past two weeks. Cooler temperatures at the end of July fired things up. This has...
    7 replies | 518 view(s)
  • Waxleaf75's Avatar
    07-28-2019, 05:39 PM
    So I was fishing at Jordan Lake this morning and as I was cruising by some flooded timber I noticed a lot of action on top. Put my trolling motor...
    8 replies | 511 view(s)
  • sekod's Avatar
    07-31-2019, 11:17 AM
    sekod started a thread Tying Branching out in Fly-Fishing
    Been branching out a little. Musky flies, articulated streamers for trout, and saltwater flies, on special requests. Here's some off the vise, and...
    10 replies | 296 view(s)
  • Samuel999's Avatar
    08-06-2019, 04:35 PM
    I caught and released two old reds last year. These were my first, so I am no expert. One caught on my kayak and one off my dock. Can't wait to...
    7 replies | 530 view(s)
  • DrOrFish's Avatar
    07-22-2019, 02:19 AM
    Hey there fellow Anglers Wanted to share with you a fishhook removal trick I found online after my own recent misadventure ...
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  • Curtis Pelt's Avatar
    07-31-2019, 05:42 PM
    Curtis Pelt started a thread Inshore Back on'em again today in NC Coast
    6 nice flounder and 5 trout today . Fished a bait i haven't used in quiet a while , maybe 3 years , and the fish loved it , strike king rage tail...
    6 replies | 585 view(s)
  • lizard's Avatar
    08-12-2019, 12:49 PM
    lizard started a thread Good day at Falls in NC Piedmont
    All caught on Minnows... Bass was 4.8 lbs. Caught on a 12' crappie rod. Now that was fun. Caught off ledge in 8' of water.
    7 replies | 266 view(s)
  • clemsondds's Avatar
    07-27-2019, 09:23 AM
    Hey everyone, could use your advice on lake James. I have been struggling the last two days. We are up here for a few days and I am striking out so...
    7 replies | 356 view(s)
  • matthewmo's Avatar
    08-07-2019, 11:05 AM
    Howdy. We just relocated to NC a couple of months back from overseas. I have the next couple of days off from work and am taking my eldest (5yo) on a...
    8 replies | 204 view(s)
  • Bowman66's Avatar
    08-01-2019, 04:21 PM
    Awesome day on the Pamlico today even fishing a day after Mr. Curtis. We had a limit of trout by 8:30 and a limit of flounder by 11:30. All fish on...
    4 replies | 701 view(s)
  • Drum Solo's Avatar
    07-26-2019, 07:26 AM
    Looking for some advice about what pound test to use for surf fishing rigs. I grew up fishing on a boat and have only been surf fishing for a few...
    8 replies | 468 view(s)
  • salpal's Avatar
    08-14-2019, 10:08 AM
    salpal started a thread Inshore Summer Trout in NC Coast
    I have been fortunate enough to get out a few afternoons and mornings recently to do a little paddle fishing in the swansboro area and man has the...
    8 replies | 323 view(s)
  • Whitefish115's Avatar
    08-01-2019, 08:28 PM
    A neighbor has a used 17.5’ Boston Whaler Outrage with a 115 4-stroke Yamaha. He has been having some perplexing issues that may be tied to his gas...
    7 replies | 288 view(s)
  • h2ohhh's Avatar
    08-13-2019, 08:40 PM
    h2ohhh started a thread RED X Dr. H pays the piper in Fishing Clubs
    Picked up an old but very well maintained Sea Hunt 160. Needs a little love on the cosmetic front (new seats) and the engine cowl is ugly. But the...
    6 replies | 127 view(s)
  • sgrfmde452's Avatar
    07-23-2019, 10:38 PM
    Think I'll head down to Charleston, SC harbor in Oct. Could use a recs on a good guide or publication to read . Have my own boat/kayak. Will a 8wt...
    5 replies | 294 view(s)
  • FISHER87's Avatar
    08-05-2019, 07:39 PM
    FISHER87 started a thread Offshore Reels in Saltwater Fishing
    Hello everyone. I am going to purchase two new trolling reels. Not wanting to spend a ton. I have selected the bass pro off shore angler lever drag...
    6 replies | 268 view(s)
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