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  1. Weekly Column - November 9th

    Eat fish, live longer. Eat oysters, love longer.

    I grew up hearing that said many a time. Perhaps it was dreamed up by some marketer, but it sure seems like good advice to me. At least itís an enjoyable creed to follow.

    As an avid recreational fisherman, I have a healthy respect for the environment. It only makes sense that we canít constantly draw down the fish stocks to a level at which they canít sustain themselves.

    The Department of Marine Fisheries ...
  2. Striper fishing on Jordan Lake

    Awarded by , 11-10-2006 at 03:54 PM

    Captains Blog: Wednesday November 8, 2006
    (Okay I borrowed that from Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. I'm the Administrator...I can do stuff like that)

    B. Everette Jordan Lake
    You know, it is never easy to find the right combination of time off work, an opening in our family schedule and favorable weather conditions at the coast ...
    Freshwater Fishing