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  1. Wintery Day at Sea

    Last night as I prepared to go fishing today my wife asks "have you seen the forecast for tomorrow". I answer yes, to which she says "you must be crazy".

    Cabin fever will do that to a man, make him crazy I mean. I've been cooped up indoors too long with the bad weather. Dave B. agreed to join me for the day. He too is hard core about fishing and needed to get out and smell the salt! ...
    Offshore Fishing
  2. Topsail Catching Report 12/8/2007

    Left the dock about 8:15 this morning and headed out to a spot about 13 miles out of the inlet. The seas were flat and the wind was calm - awesome weather, and on a Saturday to boot.

    Today I decided to exclusively use Shimano Butterfly jigs on a Shimano Trevala rod with the Avet reel. Man those jigs are awesome. I boated a 9 pound grouper, two ...
  3. Fish tale & catching report for 10/15/07

    Warning: this column contains a fish story, while itís a clean story, if you are sensitive to the truth being stretched, twisted, altered, or obliterated, you may want to avoid politics and stick to reading stories from fisherman.

    On a fishing trip last year off shore I had the opportunity to catch a fish, twice. The same fish twice that is.

    The seas were calm with a gentle breeze ...
    Offshore Fishing
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