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  1. Fishin Technician's Avatar
    Its just where you use a weight like a bottom rig at the beach with maybe a 1/2 ounce weight on the bottom and a hook tied on a dropper loop about a foot up the line and you just let it drag on the bottom as you move around slowly- works very well- especially this time of year.
  2. Nordy's Avatar
    I'm not familiar withe term "tight line." Is it similar to drop shoting?
  3. dbeam's Avatar
    Great catches thanks for the report.

  4. Nc kid's Avatar
    Nice catch and report
  5. Fishin Technician's Avatar
    Nice job. Do you ever tight line to catch them?
  6. NCGMAN's Avatar
    off to a really good start............
  7. JBowman's Avatar
    Great fish Ray. Still have the Golding touch.
  8. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Good first fish of the year!
  9. henchman's Avatar
    I've never fished a blade bait, might have to pick a few up. How do you fish them? Kind of like how you fish a lipless crank bait?
  10. jbfdonn99's Avatar
    I have fished Fontana twice and had the best times of my life. Limited out on Walleyes both times at 60 ft down (No downrigger). Plus caught many large Bass. But I'm looking to go fishing/camping right now with my canoe. Is it possible to crappie fish at this time with a canoe? What technique, bait etc. I'd greatly appreciate any advice, thanks.
  11. meenyt's Avatar
    Man, how is the water that warm? That pic of depthfinder shows 55.5. Thats warmer than it was last time I was at Belews. Great catching though. We are all jealous!
  12. dbeam's Avatar
    great pics as Always Curtis.

  13. dbeam's Avatar
    an attention getting pic for the front page!! Congratuations

  14. pizzamanrob's Avatar
    nice fish for sure!!
  15. NCGMAN's Avatar
    now that is some fish.. beautiful....
  16. sundrop's Avatar
  17. drumfisher's Avatar
    Thanks for the blog award!
  18. RaymondWells's Avatar
    Way to go, congrats!
  19. MrSheepie's Avatar
    Blaze1022, what creek u gone fish?
  20. Fish Whisperer's Avatar
    Thanks guys!