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  1. yellowdog's Avatar
    Wow! What a day! Great job on the fish. Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope the boat/motor are OK.
  2. Bullred's Avatar
    Very nice.
  3. shughes's Avatar
    now that is a very good day. nicely done
  4. dbeam's Avatar
    Congratulations Roosertail on a Well deserved Blog Award, I really like the way Randy handled which picture to pic for the front page.

  5. lewisfishing's Avatar
    Way to go!
  6. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Nice looking bass, fat and sassy!
  7. Doboi's Avatar
    How you like the facesaver? During my last fishing trip to the Roanoke River I got toasted (read BURNT!) on my ears and the back of my neck, so as soon as I got back I ordered two of them. I just read a few reviews and decided, what the heck? I waste a ton of money on fishing, what's a few bucks more? (Ordered a new rod too, while i was online... Don't tell the wife! hehehe!) Are those facesavers effective? Are they hot or do they evaporate perspiration and help keep you cooler? I'd like to know how you like the sun gloves too. Flip Palet likes them, but I think he gets paid to. I want to know from someone who had to pay for theirs. (I'm assuming you did pay for them. ). Thanks for the post!
  8. Doboi's Avatar
    Nice mess of flounder there! Makes me hungry looking at them! Good day fishing!
  9. Doboi's Avatar
    Nice account of your several days of fishing. Enjoyed reading this very much! It was a special ending to see a youngster catch their first fish. Just wish you had a picture of that one too! Nice to see you catch a personal best. WTG!
  10. Doboi's Avatar
    Nice! I need to get up to the New to catch some smallies.
  11. RaymondWells's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ncfish
    Congratulations on three personal bests! How how big was the last personal best?
    I didn't have anything to measure it guestimate over 4 lbs, one fisherman who was in the area told me he thought it might be close to 5, but I'm very happy with a 4+.
  12. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Gotta love the New! Nice job Ray!
  13. ncfish's Avatar
    Congratulations on three personal bests! How how big was the last personal best?
  14. SmilingSam's Avatar
    Nice photos, good fishing. Thx for the post.
  15. joesmoke74's Avatar
    That's what fishing is all about having fun with your family. Hopefully soon me and daughter will be out there also. Yes indeed brother you had a good fathers day
  16. Meakle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by basswrangler
    Woohoo glad to see you made the front page!!!
    thanks much for the info before the trip and good word after. It was a lot of fun to be on the front page, enjoyed showing family and friends!
  17. basswrangler's Avatar
    Woohoo glad to see you made the front page!!!
  18. SmilingSam's Avatar
    We have had a great run of blues and Spanish on all of the piers for the last few weeks. The water has been clear and the fishing good. It looks like you were fishing Jennette's pier. There were three cobia caught from Nags Head Pier yesterday, using live eels. We have a slight NE "blow" going this morning but I expect the good fishing continues. I will check it out this afternoon after church. Come back when you can and hopefully you will get the big one. Charlie Aycock, (SmilingSam) Nags Head, NC
  19. Scott Hobbs's Avatar
    RIP Brother, may the grasses be green and waters flow easy.
  20. aquaholic3720's Avatar
    RIP "Lefty", Condolences to your family. It looks like you left some great memories for them to cherish.
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