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  1. RaymondWells's Avatar
    Congratulations, fantastic day on the water thanks for sharing!
  2. Island Man's Avatar
    Running up and down the beach in 45-52 ft of water, you would have to be a couple miles out to be that deep?
  3. NCangler's Avatar
    Island Man, we were sight casting to them. We didn't see any bait balls to work so it was a matter of running up and down the beach until we spotted them. George's boat is setup great for Cobia fishing with the tower up top to be able to see them better. I was very fortunate to see them from the deck. We used a bucktail jig with a skirt. We were in about 45-52' of water. I don't remember the water temp (should have noted that!).

    crappie89, Thanks for the tip! I've got about 10 bags of meat from that fish and will definitely give that one a try!
  4. crappie89's Avatar
    Nice work, if you have any left over meat cut it up into little bite size pieces and marinate it in buffalo sauce and fry it up. Taste awesome.
  5. Island Man's Avatar
    Man Im so jealous. Ive been out looking but havent gotten mine yet. Can I ask, lure/water depth/water temp/ bait ball no bait ball?
  6. NCangler's Avatar
    Thanks all. Because I had pulled my back the day before I cradled her best I could although it didn't look that great for the photo. Didn't help my shirt at all either!
  7. oceanslayer's Avatar
    Nice catch. George is one the greats not only for fishing ability, he was such a pleasure to be around. we tried for tarpon with him last year in 4' waves in the sound and even though we only boated one nice 50lb drum in 10 hours of fishing he never sat down or quit trying.
  8. Hunter's Haven's Avatar
    Congrats Randy. That's a great fish!
  9. Bread Man 1's Avatar
    Very Nice!!
  10. NCangler's Avatar
    I forgot that! I guess my memory is bad.
  11. sundrop's Avatar
  12. Topsail Angler's Avatar
    Way To Go Randy, nice fish!

    But I seem to remember you catching a cobia 2 years ago with Rick, Jodie and me. In fact I think it was the first one caught that day. Maybe my memory is bad..............
  13. cedwards0823's Avatar
    Line taken care of. Landing technique..... don't think I'll ever grab the line again. *Kicks self in rear end again* Even the next fish (pictured above) forced my reel in the water as I wasn't going to lose 2 in a day.
  14. TacoBo's Avatar
    Nice job guys! Sorry I had to leave early, but I have a feeling I was holding you all back judging by those pics. I was on a mission to land a trophy bass and couldn't quit throwing on laydowns in deep water despite only getting a few nibbles on the jig. Did manage a few dinks for my efforts, but nothing like these gals.

    Definitely need to get Chris on some heavier line and a better landing techinque next weekend!
  15. cedwards0823's Avatar
    Please keep in mind, if you fish here, and find a 3/0 worm hook with a finesse worm attached hangin out of a fishes mouth, please return it to me.
  16. Stew-Rat's Avatar
    In case anybody is wondering those are slalom training gates behind Chris. It`s no big secret where we were at. Though the gates have been moved not too long ago.
  17. SouthFork's Avatar
    Congrats on the PB and on a fun filled day on the water.
  18. Hunter's Haven's Avatar
    very nice. hopefully all those eggs she'll lay will produce some whopper offspring also. congrats!!!!!!!!
  19. catmaster's Avatar
    Sweet Day..
  20. froggy waters's Avatar
    Nice and I mean nice I know who I don't want to compete against