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  1. SmilingSam's Avatar
    Great fishing and thanks for the report. Enjoy those trout.
  2. speedshad's Avatar
    Great catch!!! You should send that pic to NC Sportman's Magazine!
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  3. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Good job, guys. Nice fish!
  4. ncfish's Avatar
    Congrats on getting after them! You guys make me nervous canoeing in big water this late in the year without pfd's. Please consider a life jacket next time, they save lives.
  5. dbeam's Avatar
    Great Picture, congratulations on the Blog Award.

  6. philjam's Avatar
    Way to catch 'em CP. Seems like the rocks are all over the place and hungry. We are getting them in Blount's Creek along with a few short trout. The water temp is in the mid 60's.
  7. SmilingSam's Avatar
    What a nice surprise! I like trout but the rockfish is higher on my list of favorite eats. Great fishing, way to go.
  8. meenyt's Avatar
    Great catch on a great day!
  9. pantherdev's Avatar
    Warm weather turned 'em on for you. Good fishing you guys.
  10. roddo27846's Avatar
    There is a little creek off of the Alligator River that is famous for those yellow perch. It's called Little Alligator and it is the eastern part of Tyrrell County. They run up the creeks in the late winter and early spring although you might catch them any time. Joe Albea, The Carolina Outdoor Journal, did a show on them once and he was fishing at Little Alligator. I catch quite a few out of the Roanoke River as well but they are mainly bycatch for me when I am bream and crappie fishing. They are quite tasty and make a good fish taco.
  11. EvBlue's Avatar
    Ver nice...
  12. Gremlinsrus's Avatar
    And that is why we go fishing! Glad you were able to share that moment with your son.
  13. h2ohhh's Avatar
    They are also the best table fare you will find. They tend to school according to size and a mess of them that size make for some great eating. Suckers for a piece of night crawler or small minnow.
  14. Greenmonster's Avatar
    Thanks Jeff!
  15. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Yellow perch are found statewide, but more common in the eastern parts of NC, notably Lake Waccamaw and White Lake. That's a good one the kid has there!
  16. AHODGES21's Avatar
    Congrats to you and daddy's girl on the blog award!
  17. Kev2380's Avatar
    Great post!
  18. Brian the boat guy's Avatar
    Tremendous post! What a great opportunity to share this time with your daughter. Way to go man!!!!
  19. dbeam's Avatar
    Congratulations on the blog award great picture!
  20. Thunderbolt's Avatar
    Awesome work! Never been to SMSP. Looks fun.

    Can you explain what DH means? Double hand? but what does that entail?