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  1. lunkerbandit's Avatar
    Congrats! That's a beauty! Glad to hear the Old Drum are hitting the poppers like that and not just a rumor. Word is that is gaining popularity over soaking bait at times. Hoping we catch his brother when we get down there in a few weeks. Pretty fish man.
  2. lunkerbandit's Avatar
    That's a pretty fish! Just setting up our trip at the end of September around the full moon and here looking for tips to get bait and where to set up. We chartered a couple of years around the mouth but have our own salt worthy boat now. I love throwing the cast net if I can find em. Where can we buy cut bait between Oriental and Whortonsville anyone? We're staying up the creek near Whortonsville so I'm hoping the two shoals just outside there will pay off.
  3. Nailbender8's Avatar
    Awesome job, congratulations!
  4. meenyt's Avatar
    Jerry, those fish wouldn't have bit for him had he not had on his lucky cap! At least one member of the family is pulling for the right team, lol. Just kidding, you know I couldn't resist. Life would be mighty boring if we all pulled for same teams.
  5. TightLiner's Avatar
    Jighead weight?
  6. bweave09's Avatar
    Wasn't sure if I wanted to take the 3wt with me in the kayak Saturday. Thanks for making my mind up for me! Good work!
  7. Bullred's Avatar
    Very nice. Looks like the Cape Fear River even though you referenced the Roanoke Sportsman.
  8. wperry's Avatar
    Nice Catch, especially on light tackle, I caught one ove 6lbs at Kentucky lake, and I was trembling trying to get it in the boat, and they are powerful swimmers, who love moving water.....One thing for certain you never forget a six pound smallie, and they don't come often in the southeast. Congratulations ����
  9. meenyt's Avatar
    Man, that is a nice fish! Never caught smallmouth yet, hope to someday. Congrats!
  10. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Good job, fellas. Nice blackfin, Sgt Major!
  11. The Hog's Avatar
    Lifetime Memories were created today.
  12. TimFisher's Avatar
    Great report. Definitely sounds like a day neither of you will soon/ever forget!
  13. dbeam's Avatar
    I never meet him, but I never PM'ed without a timely response and he was helpful everytime. I will miss his presence on this forum. I pray for the friends and family of this good man. May they find peace. Thank you Randy for the post.

  14. wperry's Avatar
    RIP TopSail Angler , I feel your loss as a friend, and a fishing buddy, thoughts and prayers for Mike's Family and his community.
  15. NCPIERMAN's Avatar
    purdy work right there congrats on getting front page and your first treble hopefully its the last.
  16. turtlestewsbro's Avatar
    Thanks guys!
  17. NCGMAN's Avatar
    now that is an awesome picture..
  18. larrymca's Avatar
    Nice fish and good write up. Were you on the river or sound? What bait or lure? Been here 4 years and have yet to hook up with a drum.
  19. NCGMAN's Avatar
    ​now that is beautiful
  20. Nat's Dad's Avatar
    Everybody knows Mack photoshops his fish especilially the cats.

    he texted me a four pound channel cat and called it a fourty pound blue. Do not be deceived .
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