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  1. first time targeting White Bass

    Awarded by , 04-03-2017 at 11:45 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by rmhpmi View Post
    Got an invite to join some Red X Anglers targeting White Bass, which was a first for me. The bitre was not as "epic" as anticipated but it was a perfect day to be on the water. I am told a couple of the fish I did manage to land were nice ones. Can't wait to try again! Thanks for the invitation guys. Hope I didn't slow you down.

  2. Afternoon with my youngest son and sporkd2

    Awarded by , 03-30-2017 at 09:53 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by quest4reds View Post
    This one's for you Greenmonster!

    Went out to Jordan Lake this past Saturday with my youngest son and sporkd2 to do a little fishing and run ShawnB's boat and truck to keep it in running order while he's away. Our primary objective was to release as many minnows as possible one at a time while trying to avoid catching copious amounts of crappie. Mission accomplished! Our second goal was to get
  3. Just a Thank you to all of you....

    Awarded by , 03-28-2017 at 11:39 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by carrouth51 View Post
    I am a long time reader but first time poster and I have learned a ton from reading all of your posts. Had it pay off last saturday when I took my son out to a local pond and fished the ned rig. I never had heard about the rig until I read this site. We caught over 30 in about 3 hours.... most were dinks but I did manage one nice one. Levi was thrilled to the point that he has asked me every morning and
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  4. Oak Hollow

    Awarded by , 03-27-2017 at 09:31 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by DW46 View Post
    The bite was on Saturday morning at Oak Hollow Lake in High Point! I hadn't been here lately so we started out on a rocky bank where I usually was successful in years past...within the first 10 casts we had a 4 and a 7 pounder in the boat. (and the guy in the pics was a first-timer to this lake!) Stuck around there for a while and caught a few more smaller ones and 1 hybrid. Tried a few more similar areas and
  5. Stripers

    Awarded by , 12-22-2016 at 09:34 AM

    [QUOTE=ice cream man;854673]Harold & I caught & released 7 Stripers today.
    One double hook up. ........ ICM
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