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  1. biglenr's Avatar
    While I like reading about John... Isn't 2+ months a heck of a long time to have the same feature story?
  2. Daze823's Avatar
    Great pic and I gotta admit, it's cool to see your ugly mug on the main page when I log on
  3. pantherdev's Avatar
    A great time and story indeed.
  4. TightLiner's Avatar
    Beautiful fish, congrats on the citation!
  5. TSC1's Avatar
    Nice fish, congrats!
  6. Festus Amungus's Avatar
    Nice fish! Great to see your persistence worked out.
  7. NCGMAN's Avatar
    awesome, looks like 25 inches. nice yak also
  8. bmac's Avatar
    That thing should have a little curly tail on it. P-I-G!
  9. tubvajlis's Avatar
    If you don't mind, where were ya fishing? I'v been wanting to catch some white bass.
  10. Festus Amungus's Avatar
    Awesome post, one of my favorites ever. High five to the moderators for giving you the award.

    I especially liked this sentence:

    "Over all I had a great time on the lake with my son, who I'm fairly certain must have set a record for "snacks eaten in a single outing", and a fellow Red X angler."

    Just for a sec I thought your son ate the Red-X angler--and that would have been impressive.
  11. Daze823's Avatar
    Dad and Son bonding... Looks like a great day.
  12. Lucky Doug's Avatar
    Dang James, I fished there for a couple of years and never caught anything. Hate getting showed up by a rookie lol Your momma just told me to look for this post.

    Congrats. x2
  13. RaymondWells's Avatar
    Great day Austin congrats to you and AnortNC7 on a great day and making the headline news!! (Better known as the blog award),
  14. dbeam's Avatar
    Great Report! Congratulate that young man on the front page for me as well.

  15. EvBlue's Avatar
    It doesn't get better than that, Eric.
  16. ZachFaircloth's Avatar
    Looks like an awesome time
  17. Pez2385's Avatar
    Awesome story! Grats on that beast!
  18. WNCSLIM's Avatar
    Haven't caught shad in years. Used to go down to St. Johns in Fl. and catch Americans that were 3.5 to 4 lbs, that is some fun fishing. Congrats
  19. Yak C's Avatar
    Nice catch!!!!!
  20. Horace's Avatar
    Nice catch !!
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