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Mo' Better Belews Friday and Sunday 2-7 and 2-9

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My wife was gracious enough to offer to keep our toddler for two days this week so that I could fish. As a trade, I let her sleep in both days and got started late morning Friday and again Sunday.

Fished Friday with Jim joining me about mid day, and it was a bit tougher than it had been previously. Caught 3 in the last 1/3 of the day; I had one on Texas rig from a laydown (this shocked no one) and he had the better two on fish busting shad near the surface out on the main lake as it got into the last hour of daylight. The fish were breaking all over chasing shad, and the object is to try to reach the spot before they go back down again... a tactic we dubbed "Whack-A-Mole fishing" after the arcade game where you try to beat the moles on the heads with a mallet as they pop up and then quickly disappear. The hard part when the bass are surrounded by shad is getting them to hit something artificial. We probably saw a hundred bass hitting surface (not really exaggerating) in the last hour and a half of the day, but either couldn't reach them in time or couldn't get them to hit. Jim got one on slashbait and one on a wacky rigged worm.

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ID:	58836 Water temp 61, cool, partly sunny, light breeze with mild chop

So today, I got back out about 1030 again. Decided to test a theory / hunch and look at some different points, ones not as much on the main lake but a little closer to spawning grounds. Thought I was onto something when in the first hour I caught two on C-rig with Berkley Power worm off a secondary point. Both about this size

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Hit another point, then tried a main lake area that had been active recently but didn't get any takers. Headed back up to the ramp to pick up Gene (Fish_Fiend). He's been wanting to see Belews and our schedules finally crossed paths. We picked up where I had left off, trying a couple of pre-spawn staging areas, and even took a look back into one of the little creek arms. Gene was intrigued by all the shoreline shallow cover and I had just finished telling him that Belews is weird, you typically wouldn't expect to catch them up shallow pitching at visible cover, when he snatches one out of some emergent brushy cover in 3 feet of water. It shook the hook boatside so no pic, but was a keeper sized 1.5lb'er. So much for what I know about this lake! We tried some more of that pattern and didn't get any more bites, though.

We struggled a bit after that, and my hunch didn't pay any more dividends. Hit a few more points that seemed similar to the first one earlier in the day, but no love ... even went back to that spot but it had gone quiet. So with fading daylight and fading optimism, I took us back to some main lake points that had been producers a week or two ago but not so much the last couple of trips, hoping for something to happen. I was about to give up on the first one, when Gene switched to C-rig Speed Craw and boated number 4 on the day

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We moved to another main lake point, where he hooked another on the C-rig, and then we got to see some of the surface activity we'd been hoping for all afternoon. In the last 40 minutes, fish were breaking all over the place chasing shad, and we managed to cash in on a couple - they would not hit the slash baits or A-rig, so I pirated BTJ Jim's idea on the wacky worm and boated two as dusk was settling. They were hitting it as it sank with only an occasional twitch. Sorry about the last pic's quality, not sure what happened to it.

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We ended the day having done some head scratching and using a mixed bag of tactics to finally tally 7 bass, only one was not keeper size but none were over 2lbs. I've certainly had much slower days, and I was excited to end the day catching fish. Had a great time fishing with Gene!
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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Good ole Belews. Winter time bass at their finest. Nice job, boys!
  2. mackman's Avatar
    Was a Good day sound like belews is very unpredictable