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A few trips to Jordan this winter.

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Been a pretty busy winter crappie season with work and family, but have made several trips to Jordan this winter for the crappie. Usually just fish around the 64 bridge every year.
First trip was on New Years Day and fished by myself catching 23 with only 5 keepers. There was a lot of current flowing under the bridge. More than I've ever experienced. It was a very busy day controlling the boat in the current and wind.

Second trip was Jan. 4 with Zachary. We caught 66 with 14 keepers. My buddy Jesse was also up there with his boat and he caught a few as well. Again, current under the bridge was horrible. Made me start checking the water flow charts before heading up to make sure there wasn't too much water moving through the lake.

Third trip was on Jan. 21 with my friend David from church who loves to fish, but doesn't get a chance to do so very often. Again the current was there, but not as bad as before. We caught 101 for the day and had 21 keepers. His face says it all. My favorite fishing is taking kids and adults that don't get to fish much.

Took Zach and Emily on Feb. 8 and we caught 107 crappie, 40 white perch, and one catfish from 8:30 a.m. to 1pm, and had 14 keepers. Current was still there, but I started figuring out how to work with it better.

Went again today with my friend (and taxidermist) Mike and we caught 101 with 19 keepers. We caught several from about 8am to 9:30 or so and when the wind picked up we took off looking for some in some more protected waters. Didn't do any good so went back to 64 and fished from about 11 to 2. Current wasn't bad first thing this morning, but picked up in the afternoon.

Lots of current under the 64 bridge this year seemed to keep the fish messed up a bit making them inconsistent. Saw water temps ranging from 41 - 48 degrees and up until today the "magic" depth seemed to be 28', today it was 22'. Lots of 9 1/2" to 9 15/16" and they have been thick healthy looking fish. Should be a good spring.

Also made a trip to Tillery with Zach for some cats catching 4 on Jan. 16 with the best being right at 20 lbs.

Got to fish in the snow when it hit. Put on the Blewitt Falls Lake on Jan. 31 with Zach, Mike, and Jesse with air temps at 16 degrees when we launched. No problem catching bait other than having to dip the net between throws to thaw it out. LOL We caught 28 cats ranging from 2 - 18 pounds with most in the 8-12 lb. range. That was a cold, but very fun day on the water.

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