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Quality Time! !

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Awarded by , 03-16-2014 at 09:34 AM (694 Views)
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After coaching two baseball games today for my 7 year old's team I decided we still needed a little more QT. He played his butt off and my baby boy behaved for the babysitter so I felt they both need a little reward. We got back to the house around 3pm from the ball park and I decided to take them for our first shad fishing trip of the year. We headed down to my mom's place to see what was happening on contentnea creek. Water was up a little high but we managed to find a spot to fish from. It was a little tricky so I had cast for them then pass the rod for them to reel it in. It didn't take long before I heard those magic words...."I GOT ONE DADDY! !!!". It's some much fun when we all say it but to hear it coming from my 4yr old and 7yr old it is waaayyyy better! We only fished about an hour and they caught 15 and I even managed to sneak in a few when they weren't looking. LOL. It was so awesome to get out there and see my boys enjoy the outdoors. No tablets, no video games and no TV just my boys and me having some "quality time". They're only going to be kids one time and it's our job as parents to teach them about the woods and water and give them those memories and moments in time that made us the passionate fishermen and hunters that we all are. Love my boys!!!!!!!

Joe Haddock
Freshwater Fishing


  1. dbeam's Avatar
    Great job, the fishing, and the parenting