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Randleman 3-15-14: Skunked no more

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To my dismay and frustration I had not touched a fish since November 17, 2013. I had gone to HPCL several times and only come up with one bite. I had a planned trip with SurfRider derailed by a bad back and had a trip to RRR last weekend stopped by downed trees and no power. Needless to say I was thrilled to get on the water last Saturday. I was so jacked-up that I woke up at 5:00 AM and couldn't get back to sleep. I arrived at the gate at 6:50 and waited anxiously for the lake to open at 8:00.

Finally on the water, I headed to my favorite early spring spot. The water was 'Carolina Murky' or as most other places would call it: muddy, about 1.5 feet of visibility. I fished for 90 minutes in my favorite spot without a nibble. I headed to another spot I wanted to try and you could almost plow the water. At this point I decided to head up lake. It seemed every decent spot in the mid-lake area had a boat so I kept driving almost up to the 68 bridge. I fished about 30 minutes and missed a couple bites before I finally hooked up. Ended up being a very nice 4-10 at just a hair over 19" (above).

I continued fishing the area with no more bites so I headed across the lake to a steep bank. I got a nice bite and hooked up to a healthy 3-1.

Just 10 minutes later another good fish 3-4.

Just a few minutes after that yet another cookie-cutter 3-2 (I swear these are not the same fish).

That was as happy as I have been on the water in some time. I applied my pattern in other areas nearby and managed one more bass. This fish was long and had the head of a 4 lb class fish but very thin. It appeared to have been wounded by a very large fish or a bird and only weighed 3-2.

I got 2 more bites on the day but missed them both. I landed 5 fish on 9 bites and had a total of 17-3. It was a beautiful day on the water.
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