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Bad luck turned good.

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Awarded by , 03-21-2014 at 07:55 PM (466 Views)
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Seeing as how it was such a nice day today, when the old lady left for work at 2:30 I decided I was going to load up the boat and hit jordan for a while. When I finally get out to the lake and realize I left the batteries at home. So I turned around and headed back, I decided I was not going to waste my time going home and back to the lake, I just dropped the boat off at storage and decided to hit a little pond in between my house and the storage yard. Now I have never caught any decent fish in this pond, but its good for some dink 2-3lbers every now and again. The day is still not going to well at this point my first couple casts backlash, casting into the wind from my favorite point with line that hasn't been stretch yet. After a few bad casts I finally get a decent one out there and start working the bait. A few cranks in a get a big bump and then slack. I crank down and set the hook, and it barely moves, so I assume its just a log, because I drag in big logs from here all the time. Well then the log starts fighting back, and I see the flash. Well here is the log haha
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