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Randleman 3/22/14 & 3/23/14

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I had plans for a week to fish on Sunday with a friend and while I wasn't excited about the weather it was the only day he could fish. Rather unexpectedly I got a text from Sam (aka SurfRider) asking if I was available to fish on the electric side of Randleman on Saturday. We had tried to get out twice before but weren't able to make it work out. My wife was kind enough to let me out two days in a row so I jumped at the chance.

I met up with Sam at about 10:30 at the dock. He had been there since opening and had 1 fish so far. After we verified we weren't axe murderers (requested by the wives) we headed out. I caught a dink within 50 yds of the dock and then promptly hung and lost the crankbait I caught it on. I thought it was going to be hot but we actually fished quite a while with no bites. Sam did pick up a keeper on a shakey head. We worked our way through some of his favorite spots and I caught a couple short fish on the shakey head. We started fishing a flat and I was rotating through several lures. I picked up my jerkbait and after a couple casts I thought I had hung a stump. The stump started moving and the fight was on. It ended up being a very fat 5-8 and the biggest fish I ever caught on a jerk bait.

A few casts later I caught another keeper fish on the jerkbait and 'convinced' Sam to tie one on. I loaned him one that was similar to the one I was using but it only caught dinks (unknown to Sam it was designed that way ). We kept working the same area and passed some wood cover. I cast to a stump with the shakey head and it turned into a 3-2.

On the way back through I cast to the same stump with the jerkbait and got another 3-8 fish. (this poor fish had some nasty wounds on it but seemed healthy otherwise).

After giving me back my 'dink seeker' jerkbait and tying on one of his own Sam connected on a very nice 4 lb fish to cap off the trip.

In total we caught 14 fish (7 each) and the best 5 would have weighed 18-10. It was a lovely afternoon and a pleasure fishing with Sam. I had a great time and I hope we can fish again soon.

On to Sunday and the gas side of Randleman with my friend James. We launched just after 8:00 and headed to the upper end where I had success the previous week. There was a cool breeze but the sun was still out at this time. Not 20 minutes into the day I got hit on a swim jig and set the hook. The fish felt like a good one but couldn't really tell. The fish then proceeds to take off like a rocket stripping drag. It ran toward the back of the boat and under James' line. As he was trying to get his lure away from my line the fish turned back toward me and got off. I was crushed. I could barely fish for the next 30 minutes. Later on after checking my equipment I found that the drag on that reel was too light but it wasn't off. That made me feel a bit better that may not have been a giant but I have to think it was a really big fish or a very agitated 5 lb fish.

James caught a keeper on a jerkbait in the same pocket and I caught a dink. James added two more keeper bass on a redeye shad and yet another keeper on a jerkbait. We fished some other areas but only got one bite. We went back to the starting spot and James got yet another keeper on a crankbait. I followed with a keeper of my own on a squarebill. By this time the rain had started. We again fished more nearby areas with no bites and again went back to the same area and I caught my first good fish at 3-2.

At this point I didn't think we could sustain the rest of the day by relying on one small pocket to keep producing bites. We decided to head back to the south end of the lake where I have more experience in spring. It was a cold, wet, miserable ride back down the lake. We arrived in my go-to spring cove and managed only one bite that I hooked and lost. We went to another creek that I thought would be good only to fish most of it without a bite. Finally, James hooked a good fish and it also came off. At this point we only had 7 fish, were wet and cold, and lost 3 nice fish. We pressed on and success finally came when I hooked a big fish off the end of a point. This fish was 5-9.

James hooked up a few minutes later on the same point with a near 3 lb fish. (think it was cold???)

We kept fishing and near the end of the day the rain finally stopped and got a true double with a 4-6 and an 2-8.

I thought I had made a huge mistake moving away from our little honey hole but it payed off in the last 90 minutes of the day. We ended up with 12 fish on the day (James 7, Me 5) and the best 5 would have gone 18-5. Overall it was a tremendous weekend of fishing and the best spring I have had on Randleman since the year it opened.

To put the cherry on top of the weekend my beloved Cats pulled off the upset of the #1 seed. If you managed to survive this epic post thanks for reading....
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