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I thought football season was over...

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Awarded by , 04-02-2014 at 09:27 AM (474 Views)
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Got tired of sitting around the house on Saturday waiting for the "heavy rain" the weatherman kept calling for and hit the water despite the drizzle...

Tried some new areas and found a productive point. One side of the point had a laydown with a stump right next to it. Threw a variety of baits that way for 10 or so minutes. Finally made a last ditch cast about 10 foot to the right of the cover and felt the first guy pick up my T rigged Senko. Ended up at a little over 16" but was about 2.5 lbs with a full belly on him.

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Made my way to the other side of the point. Switched to a whacky worm. Fish picked it up and started moving off.. set the hook, was on for a few seconds then dropped it... Frustrated I reeled in, through immediately back in the original spot...sure enough she picked it right back up. I set the hook into what felt like a stump. Saw it flash a few times and thought a had a 6-7. Got it in and realized why. Although the fish was only 18" it was FAT, weighed in at 4.5 lbs.

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Good time out for a few hours. Have some time off the end of this week so hopefully this week of warmth will finally have them sitting on beds
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