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The Two that Pulled Me Through!

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Awarded by , 04-04-2014 at 07:09 AM (789 Views)
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So, my wife & I just returned from a nice visit with our daughter and some Striper fishing on the Cape Fear and we were feeling our normal homesick feeling anytime we drive away from the SE NC coast. We have lived there in the past, my daughter is in school there now and we can't wait to get back to the area permanently!

So, 250 miles west of my beloved east, I headed out to Belews for the last couple of daylight hours and started hitting some spots that had produced recently. Spot 1, spot 2, spot 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.....NOTHING!!! I was power-fishing in a BIG way with my limited time and not getting much in return. Perhaps my mind and heart were still in the salt!

Last spot- I was ripping down the lake toward an area that I hadn't fished in a loooooong time, when I saw it. There was a huge flock of seagulls (not often found at Belews) gathered on the water and flying overhead in a large open area on the northern end of the lake. The back-drop was the rip-rap wall of the dam, there was a big wind blown chop on this section pushing water up onto the rocky shoreline. With the rollers crashing onto the rocks and the gulls squawking overhead, I could close my eyes and just listen and I was back on the coast. It was just like a day fishing the south jetty at Masonboro or "The Rocks" on the CF side at Federal Point. Just what I needed!

So, I pulled up on a good-looking area that I'm fairly certain I have never fished. I figured I'll just fish and soak this up for the last hour of daylight and if I happen to catch a fish in these "unchartered waters", then that'll just be a bonus. The relaxing tranquility of my salty-Belew environ had just started to kick in when BAM!!!

I have a favorite old Falcon "Carolina Lizard Dragger" Heavy 7' casting rod that I use with my old silver Calcutta 200. It is my tried & true A-rig set-up when fishing freshwater. For just a second, I thought I had lost it. This first fish hit the A-rig so hard, when combined with me being kicked about half out of gear, I nearly lost my grip on my old favorite! I was jolted back into the moment just in time to see this bass tail-walking with his new found jewelry through the rapidly scattering gull flock. To say that we had disturbed the tranquil setting was quite the understatement!

I got the bass to the boat, a quick shot and gone, back to the depths.
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So, I'm thinking what a way to finish the day, right? A couple of hours of fishless run & gun followed by a catch like that--Awesome! Then, just as the sun slipped completely behind the trees and I start prepping for the run back to the ramp, I think 1 more cast.....right?! BAM!!! Same deal, same rig, same area, same bite = hold on and reel! I thank another customer and send him on his way.
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Well, you know I wasn't going to quit yet, not after that, but they did. A few more casts produced no takers, so I headed in. Headed in with a smile all over my face thinking about my trip back east without ever leaving the area and once I arrived, the two that pulled me through!

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    Congratulations on the Blog award You are becoming a front page fixture.

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    I have recently returned to NCANGLER. has anyone fished Lake Waccamaw recently. I crappie fish and am anxious to get going.
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