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Bay River CG Redfish!! Part 2 Don't leave Hyenas in the home!

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We went to Bay River Camp Ground and had a GREAT day!! Rhonda and I landed close to 30 Specs on barbless hooks and released. The weather was calm in the morning and I had 3 Reds on topwater fly but could not keep them buttoned. The south wind increased to 17 + and I switched to popping cork and landed this Red.

Rhonda's best Spec was close to 18 inches but most were 10 to 12 inches. She caught it on a trolled 3" Molting Gulp Shrimp . Most were on a trolled popping cork with 3" New penny Gulp. Mine were on ULM Rapala Clown color. Frank and Rachel as usual were great hosts!! What a mecca for fishing!!

Now for part 2 of this saga !!! We walk close to 5 to 6 miles daily and the two darlings followed us home!

meet Billy Boy and Lilly!!

they have been our guests for 5 weeks. They are not perfect but boy they grew on us!! We decided to "trust" them in the house while we went to Bay River. Well fishing was sooo good we stayed a little longer than planned... I opened the side door at home and I spied a small insignificant piece of pillow I thought! I made it to the kitchen and the carnage hit me!!! Rhonda sang out "Were they good puppies" UHHH NO! the Hyenas were NOT GOOD at all!! Now my best description is as follows...park a wood chipper in the kitchen and throw pillows in it pointing in the area of the dinning room and the living room!! A picture is the complete story teller ...

The well worn lazy boy is theirs and no damage from the rampage to it. The innocent pillows suffered the brunt of the storm. moral of the lesson is don't leave two innocent puppies in the home alone because the hyenas are just below the surface lurking!!
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  1. sundrop's Avatar
    Great day of fishing, and you know that was just a protest for leaving them alone right? My 2 will shred something when they are mad at
  2. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Fishing good, but dogs bad!
  3. 07_hemi_thunderroad's Avatar
    thanks for sharing the great day out on the water!