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Shearon Harris 6-13-14

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It's been awhile since I've been able to get out since being busy with school but I made a point to go this morning. It was Friday the 13th but the fish didn't know. My usual drop in point has been Randleman Bridge but today I put in at Crosspointe early before the sun came up to try and get that topwater bite. I fished in the second cove as I made a left from the dam, I think it's called no name creek? Picked up only 1 dink off topwater on a Sammy 100. I tried the good ole Pop-R but no takers. My friend caught an 8 lber using a carolina rigged 10" worm so I tried that but no takers. I then switched to a technique I read on another post on NC angler. C-rig with a green pumpkin Zoom ultravibe speed craw - this was the ticket! I picked up about 10 bass on this bait working the points in 10 - 14 feet of water with long casts and dragging the bait or lifting the rod tip/reel slack technique. I tried to focus on banks that had rock or sandy bottoms without that witches hair crap. Largest went about 6 lbs but the rest were in the 3 - 4 lb range. I even caught a catfish using the speed craw. I did lose a few because setting the hook in a kayak using a c-rig is a little awkward but I figured it out later in the morning. I was off the water before the rain around 1230. Enjoy the pics.

I would like to give Jordan a try for bass so if anyone could provide which landing to use to launch plus what general area - just so I don't have to paddle long and I would like to go early in the morning and off the water before it gets too hot. A buddie of mine was telling me there are stumps out there I could try but he didn't elaborate where or which landing to launch from. Thanks!


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