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It's never too cold

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Went to the maysville quarries Saturday and Sunday. Used live minnows hooked through the lips suspended at about 15' on a bobber for one rod and used a size six hook with a 1" yellow tube tipped with a live minnow on another. The tube had a cone weight 12" up and I would drop it all the way to the bottom and slowly raise it up. They were not biting if you dropped it. Raise it a foot, pause, raise it some more, pause longer. I saw very few crappie suspended. Almost all came off the bottom but they would come up from 23' to hit the suspended minnow at 15'. I got 11 yesterday and 21 today (no I didn't poach one I only kept 20).
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  1. Fishin Technician's Avatar
    Nice job. Do you ever tight line to catch them?
  2. Nc kid's Avatar
    Nice catch and report
  3. dbeam's Avatar
    Great catches thanks for the report.

  4. Nordy's Avatar
    I'm not familiar withe term "tight line." Is it similar to drop shoting?
  5. Fishin Technician's Avatar
    Its just where you use a weight like a bottom rig at the beach with maybe a 1/2 ounce weight on the bottom and a hook tied on a dropper loop about a foot up the line and you just let it drag on the bottom as you move around slowly- works very well- especially this time of year.