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Reddies River Trout Report (Jan. 25 2015)

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I hit the Reddies today for the first time. I haven't heard much about it overall and certainly not recently.

Got in the waters later than desired which ended up being around lunch time. We fished until about 4 then started our journey back to the truck.

Lost a few flies due to snagging a million times but it's all good. Fishing is fishing. Started to add some tippet and realized I only had a little left on the spool. Luckily I remembered that last week on the Ararat I found a partial spool on a big rock that evidently someone had left or lost. It was 5x....I've been using 4x. It worked superbly.

My brother and I had a great day on the water. He caught his first three trout on the long rod. 2 brookies and a bow! Awesome! I landed 5 including a nice bow and missed another good take.

Started with a slumpbuster to no avail but I did lose a couple. Switched to something a little smaller. Woolly bugger in black. Matt caught all his on an olive woolly bugger. We used bead and cone heads. Drifting these things were working! At one point we caught 6 fish in less than half an hour. I need to get back up there and fish the portions I couldn't get to today.

Not a ton of fish but I've fished a lot longer for a lot less. Good fishin fellas.

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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Good job, fellas! Makes me wanna go trout fishing. Haven't been in years..
  2. dbeam's Avatar
    Good job, It won;t be long now you'll have more files tied than you know what to do with.

    Maybe we can work out a trip to Wilson if you have never been you would really enjoy the scenery if we didn't get any trout. That goes for you as well Jerry!