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Kicking off the spring!

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Awarded by , 03-22-2015 at 12:06 AM (712 Views)
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Made my yearly trip out with NCPIERMAN and man all I can say is epic! I'll let the numbers and pics speak for themselves:

25 drum for me, probably 50 between the 3 of us.

0 fish less then 20"

3 overslots caught by me that Tim tagged and released

3 TOPWATER drum. (a first for me and an absolute adrenaline rush!)

1 personal best drum, then another, then another, and another. Upped my PB from 24 to 28.25 inches.

1 flounder that Tim caught.

1 really really bad sunburn!

1 beautiful fishing day that I will never forget!

A few great stories from today. I had a reel handle snap and had to fight the 25" drum in by turning the bale by hand, while he pulled drag. Definitely a fight I will never forget! I caught my first fish before Tim even had time to set his stakeout poles and turn the video camera on. We had several doubles and at times it was a fish a cast. We tried topwater and found out that they were hungry, which lead to my first topwater drum. I lost the first one I hooked because the explosion scared me so much I about fell in the water. Absolutely an amazing fish species. There were several times that a whole school of drum would chance and bounce the lure back and forth, all the way up to the bank. I'm hooked on saltwater topwater now. There goes my summer!

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I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to book a trip with Tim! Extremely knowledgeable and he has never failed to put me on the fish.
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    Great picture Cody, congratulations on the Blog award.

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    ​congrats on the front page bud