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Awarded by , 03-25-2015 at 09:07 AM (1016 Views)
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Got some time this afternoon to go play around on the Washington waterfront. I wanted to see how the new trolling motor would do in a decent current and the water is still moving pretty good downriver and a fair crosswind. Put in at Havens Garden ramp. Ran both electrics to the RR bridge and managed 4.7 by the depthfinder. Not bad pushing into the current in a heavy boat. My self and 2 other boats worked the area over real good from the RR track to the city bridge. Not marking much of anything on the FF and only seeing Gar breaking the surface. 55-57 degree water. I pitched docks and fished pilings with jigs, then a chatterbait, soft jerkbait , red eye shad, rat l trap, deep crank, trolled a couple of deep cranks and a shallow crank while I moved around. Finally anchored off the island across from the newest condos in the "popular" place you see on the TV shows all the time and started casting a KVD 1.5 at the shoreline, letting it drift, twitch, chatter, drift. Sort of working it like a stunned baitfish with occasional bursts of retrieve. Sometimes just a slow crank retrieve. 1/2 way back to the boat in 7ft of water coming from wooded shoreline it got HAMMERED! Seriously caught me off guard and started peeling 15lb braid off my shimano 2500 and heading for the deep channel. It took off with so much deep straight power I thought it was a blue cat then the burst of speed hit and I knew it had to be a striper. Made a good run for the channel, back into the shallows across the bow and around the right side as I scrambled for my net. When it came up I saw one hook securely in its jaw one in its lip and to my surprise 2 hooks of one treble GONE. I broke another one getting it out so I see the KVD baits need the hooks replaced out of the package! It was a brand new bait. 24" if I had closed the tail I think, nice and fat fish. Not a hybrid. Released to make someone else's day. It made mine. Fished from 2-630 with only the one hit. FF looked like a ghost town. Other 2 guys I spoke with had similar views.

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    Congratulations on the Blog, Great post and pic. sounds like the Mckee is ready for Mitchie.

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    congrats brent on the blog award good to see you on the front page