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Little Lake James Action

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Awarded by , 03-31-2015 at 10:53 AM (627 Views)
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Well my kayak wars team has had an excellent March. Problem this weekend is we've maxed spotted bass, crappie, chain pickerel, sunfish, and largemouth bass for the month. I had the option of shooting for some more blue cats or trying something different. I opted for different. I decided to head to Lake James in search of Smallmouth Bass. I figured with me now being navionics equipped I could troll the lake a lot more effectively than the first and only time I went there before.

Launched out of the canal access right there by 126. Put my spread out right away and headed towards the Linville arm. As I got to the bridge I could see a bass boat parked right where I wanted to troll through, so I cranked everything in and waited. Once the boat finished not catching I put everything back out and went through.

Picked up my first ever meanmouth bass not too far from where the boat was.

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Trolled around for a while with no action then something tries to take off with one of my lines.

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Happy dude ^

Alright, well lets troll back through there and see if another one is around. Ziiing line goes off again.

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Lake was calm and glass most of the day...but fish were also skiddish.

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Pulled into a cove area and saw what I thought was a beaver or muskrat swimming. My most boneheaded move of the day was not tying on a topwater. The commotion was a big smallmouth trying to catch some sort of baitfish. I didn't see what it was til the baitfish made for my kayak and the smallmouth came charging in, only to be spooked by me. Oh well, live and learn.

Trolled around some more and got a small hit.

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Went around to a point I know holds fish and ran over a school of white perch.

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Put that lure back out and it got slammed again.

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Decided to start heading back, but not before trolling through where I got the smaller smallie again. I was rewarded with screaming drag and a fun acrobatic display off my bow.

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Saw some birds working and I began to chase them down. It looked like the fish were going to get cornered into a cove and I eagerly pedaled to the area with visions of fish catching going through my head. Those visions were quickly shattered as a bass boat came roaring in full throttle into the cove and scattered everything. Fish and birds later popped up across the lake.

No action after that. Tried deploying some presentations at 80, 90, and 95 feet with no love.

Was rewarded with another serene twilight cruise.

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