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Blow toads at the Cape

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Awarded by , 04-11-2015 at 11:54 AM (768 Views)
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Had a great day today with the family at the Cape. We set out hoping the horses would grace us with their presence and then try to find some blow toads. The horses didn't disappoint, they were hanging out in the open as we came through short turn and it didn't take long to find the blow toads. It was nonstop action from the time my first mate set the anchor, until he pulled it up and received a promotion to Captain. I don't know how many puffers were caught, but I do know that I stayed busy baiting up one rod and simultaneously removing two fish from another. The majority of them ran small, but there were some really big ones in the mix as well. 8 feet of water, hand tied 2 hook bottom rigs with cut shrimp for bait.

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  1. dbeam's Avatar
    That's a great looking crew, congratulations on the finding them some fish.

  2. trigger22's Avatar
    Thanks Darrell, they are the best fishing partners anyone could ask for.