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Weekend Bass report: Quality vs. Quantity

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Awarded by , 04-26-2015 at 08:29 PM (980 Views)

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With cooler temps, rain and front moving it, couldn't find much of a top-water bite this weekend. Lots of casts covering a lot of water with few bites to show for it. Probably should have been using something other than a top-water popper given the conditions, but I did trick a couple of good ones into biting. First big one at 8lbs 13oz came early in the day. She inhaled my popper on a shallow flat near a deep drop-off. She fought as hard as any bass I've ever caught. She made repeated runs even as I started to crank down the drag on her to shorten the fight (glad I upgraded to carbon fiber washers on this BPS Pro Qualifier the night before -- drag was smooth as silk. The stock Teflon washers were slipping unevenly and kinda "stuttering" under pressure). I kept her in the water as I prep'd the camera, and she bolted off on release. Second big fish was smaller at 6lbs 4oz, and sucked down the popper with hardly a sound. Fish came toward me at first, so had no idea I had a good fish hooked up until she saw the boat and turned on her jets. Both inhaled the popper, but hooks popped out easily. Both fish were heavy with eggs and released in good health. Water temps were 65-66F but air temps were dropping all day. Got completely soaked and was slightly under-dressed for the cold (couldn't feel toes and fingers by end of day!), but still a very good day on the water.

// joel

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