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First time Valle Crucis 5/1-15

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Man is all of this private vs public water confusing to and outsider.

I camped out Thursday night at Grandfather Campground. It was a great place to stay the night but I froze my rear off in a tent.

Spent the morning driving around to different places trying to find access. Out to Valle Crucis Park, then decided I wanted to try elsewhere first. Drove up and down Old Shulls Mill road about 5 times. Not sure where I could park and get in the water. I drive up near Foscoe Outfitters (most unhelpful fly shop guy ever) and couldn't figure out where to put in. Seems like these things are just not posted well.

Eventually found a spot on Old Shull Mills Rd that looked safe with no signs and went for it. Beautiful once down into the river. I fished around here for about 2.5 hours. Nothing. Felt much more like a Colorado stream than anything. I'm a newbie to fly fishing though so what the ****. Could have been fish but I decided it was time to move on. I did find this little guy on my neck though. Had a fly that matched but it was a dry and didn't help. What is he?

I eventually drove back over to Valle Crucis and man there were a ton of people. Not sure if this is normal but I eventually found a spot two cast lengths away from the ppl on either side of me and went for it.

Why didn't I come here first is my only question from yesterday. Immediately I was seeing fish flipping here and there. I missed a couple right off the bat but once I got settled in I probably caught 8 or 9 Browns. Most were caught on a size 20 nymph. I honestly can't remember what kind it was but it worked and I lost both of them. It had a gold bead and I think was a kind of caddis nymph, maybe BWO. I'm terrible at remembering all these little details. Some were also caught on some Pheasant tail nymphs, size 10, that were actually tied by my wife but they definitely favored the smaller nymph.

I recognize these are all stockers and it felt a little cheesy fishing next to so many other ppl but it felt good to catch something and gives me endurance to keep going in learning about this ridiculously detailed sport.

Biggest thing I learned was that at least for these fish. Just get closer! I was killing myself fishing across a faster current and constantly putting in rod constantly putting in ridiculous mends. I moved forward at one point to get unsnagged and decided to stay put. 10x easier and caught like 4 in a row on 4 casts. It did really seem to be much more about presentation and drift than anything.

Thx for the info on this forum. The search feature is helpful.

I'm going to the Smoky Mountains at the end of the month and staying at Smokemont and can't wait to wet my line once again.

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    Great job, and a wonderful report