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May 29th Tuna Fever-Oregon Inlet

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I was lucky enough to get a charter last year from the guys I work for. The trip was scheduled in September aboard Tuna Fever. A few days before the trip it was cancelled due to bad weather. Fast forward to yesterday May 29th and it was once again time to go we did.

We were told to arrive by 4:50am and roll out. As soon as we were aboard we were chugging along the slalom called Oregon Inlet. We hit the open water and all 1000 horses were churning us towards the gulf

We rode for around an hour and 45 minutes to where we were fishing for the day...with plenty of others in tow

It was partly cloudy with a 100% chance of tuna:

Steve the first mate was getting everything ready as we started to get close to fishing. He was awesome to work with!

We got to the fishing grounds and it was a sight to see! Boats EVERYWHERE....all the way down to what looked like 24 footers with one engine

Literally within 5 minutes we had two fish on! The first was a yellowfin that broke us in as a group. I had never did this before so it was interesting seeing how the fight went. With us working the yellowfin in we had no idea what we were up against with what was on the other line. As soon as we got the yellowfin in the other guy was put in the chair for the fight of his life. What we initially didn't know was this was a 189lb Bigeye Tuna....he must have been sleeping because when we tried to start getting him in he realized it and took off. Almost an hour later we had the second fish on the boat...

189lb BigEye Tuna

We trolled around for a while after that and then all the sudden we had another fish on. It was another yellowfin tuna and it fought for a little while but we finally got it in. I didnt get any pics of the yft because I just didnt think about it because they went straight into the box.

Next on was a Mahi and she did a few acrobatic attempts at getting the hook out of her. It was my turn so I reeled her in....these reels are no joke. After a few minutes we had her onboard and we were back at it. It was very slow after that as the bite had stopped. I will say though, it was fun just riding around looking at all of the boats and even sending the commercial guys something cold to drink via a trashbag raft.

At around 2pm we had our last hit of the day and it was a home run. Luckily for us this fish hit an 80 reel and it was nowhere near the fight we had with the earlier BigEye that was on the 50. After fighting this fish for a little while we had it on the deck.

209lb BigEye Tuna

We trolled for a little while longer and headed back to the dock.

All the fish on the dock:

This was a great experience and awesome day. Sea was 2-4ft with 8-9 second intervals...which was good for me. I was super worried I would get sick so I planned ahead. I had done some reasearch and learned that Ginger root was good to use so I did for 2 days. I also had some Phenegren that I used also. I was good to go and got to enjoy the day in full. Total haul was 5/5 and 493lbs Total! Billy and Steve were great to work with and we had a great time on the boat. Definitely something that I would like to do in the future as funds will allow. I will say that today I am sore in parts of my arms/hands that I didn't know was possible! Hope everyone likes the report I thought some people would like to see it.
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