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5/25 on the Pam

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You know you've had a good weekend when it takes three days to regain enough energy just to type the report!

Saturday, we piled the kids and rods into the truck and headed south to Atlantic Beach. On the way down, my wife informed me that we would be buying a beach fishing cart, and she was VERY firm about this. Man, I just love that woman. A quick stop at Chasin' Tails and we loaded up our brand spanking new fishing cart and headed for the beach. I didn't fish very seriously, just enough to scratch the itch in between body surfing and skim boarding with the kids. Little pup sharks and a pinfish were just enough to keep things interesting.

Sunday was a family day spent exploring New Bern, including a lunch on the water at Persimmons. Nice town, and by the end of the day I was eager for a Monday fishing trip.

I left the house at 5:30 and put in a Backwater Jacks by 6. I was hoping to catch the sunrise on the water, but it was bright as noon already. Man, the sun gets up early here!

I was picking up a buddy downtown Washington around 7:30, so I stayed close and searched for Striper on the fly. Not a single strike, and there wasn't any sign of fish around. I headed to several spots that normally produce, but came up empty. Pressure was on, as I wanted to put my buddy on some fish since this was his first time out.

I picked him up at 7:30 and we headed downriver a bit, stopping at a couple of docks. We found striper at one of them, but the strikes were short and tentative and we couldn't hook up. I had one come right up to the boat, so I got a good visual confirmation, but just couldn't get them to commit.

We decided to make a long run downriver as far East as we could get, hoping to scare up one or two of these phantom keeper flounder everyone seems to be finding. A couple of stops, but nothing felt fishy and we were running out of time (and gas). We made one last stop, and found bait, and with the bait, we found fish.

We got three nice striper in the boat and left the fish biting. A quick stop at the Quarterdeck for gas, then shot back upriver towards Washington. Just as we came to the Peninsula between Chocowinity and Washington, I saw a sail boat with sails full . . . but no movement. No question about it, they were hard aground. It was a big sailboat, and I looked at my little Maverick and thought "no way," but it was an older couple and their daughter, and I was apparently the only guy up for the job.

We hooked up and after about 45 minutes, finally got her off the bar and under sail - unfortunately, she took off and the line was still attached to my stern - and the knot was clamped down. We started dragging backwards, and then underwater - the entire stern of my boat went submerged before we managed to cut the line. A good lesson - if you ever tow another boat, make sure you can disconnect quickly. Unfortunately, we got water in places on my '88 engine that it hadn't been before, which set me up for an unpleasant surprise.

We headed to our last fishing spot, fished for about an hour, then went to fire up the outboard, and got nothing but a clicking solenoid. Fiddled with it, swapped batteries, and finally gave up and tried to wave down some help to tow us the 1/4 mile to the closest ramp.

10,000 boats on the water, and not a single one stopped to help us out (plenty of lookers though). 10 minutes of hailing, and we were starting to think it would be a long swim back. I realized we were relatively close to a private ramp in Chocowinity near Mitch Blake's house, and with a little luck, I might be able to get there.

In NC, there aren't that many MBC boats, so I was surprised to see a 24' Pathfinder turn and head my way. Guy out with his family, and I know that the very last thing he wanted to do was tow me back to the ramp, but he never complained and took me all the way in. On the way in, we ran into Mitch Blake (IBX charters) who recognized my boat and pulled up alongside. My truck was at Backwater Jacks, but the ramp I was headed towards was in Chocowinity. Unprompted, Mitch immediately offered me the keys to his truck to grab my vehicle. A few trips back and forth to get the right vehicles in the right places and by 5:00 I was on my way home, dog tired but grateful to all the folks who stepped up to help me out.

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