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Skinny Water Bass!!!

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Yesterday I got a call from my brother-in-law saying he had caught some nice bass in a pond behind the house with one being 5 lbs. I was very skeptical being the pond had been drained really low for several years. At one time it was a beautiful pond and my son had caught a 5 lb bass on a jitter bug just playing around the bank. Well my son that doesn't care to fish a lot asked me to ride down there with him and try to catch a few so I couldn't say no. He had said he would catch 1 within 3 casts and he did hook one, but he got off. I have been wanting to try a super spook I got to try on trout so I played around with it for a few and heard a slurp followed by drag. Hadn't fished in a while so I thought it maybe a little loose, but when this fish jumped my son lost it and after getting her in she was 6.5 lbs. This was my biggest fish on a rod and reel ever. Well after moving her to another pond I lit the grill and they went back. Just as I was flipping burgers he called saying he was bringing another one. She wound up being 5.5lbs, his biggest ever and was on the spook also. I think I'll be able to get him to try for some drum and trout now!!!!

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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Love catching big bass in skinny water!