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Rattlesnake Part II (tR)

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Awarded by , 07-16-2015 at 08:51 AM (690 Views)
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I hit this creek on a couple different occasions some time ago, but wanted to go further. Mission accomplished. I made a trek of approximately 2-2.5 miles each way this time around. During one of the past outings here, I came pretty close to getting too personal with a timber rattler (around 8ft between me and the snake). I really can't help but think about that incident every time I'm even remotely close to that area exploring a creek. Today would be no different, actually worse.

Located a walking stick, let's do this.

What are these? They were very "opened up" and full on my hike in, but on the return trip they were closed up and kind of shriveled. Interesting.

Hoards of these to be had. Some damned nice natives here as well. Unfortunately, I broke one of the largest off, but seen many more.

Mr. Brown made an appearance. I didn't expect that.

Black Forest ham and cheese. Hard to beat while sitting on a log in a creek like this. Eat lunch, catch trout.

At this point things started to get interesting. I reached a point on the creek where several large trees had been blown across, almost damming it up. They were "stacked" so high that I couldn't see over or past them. Numerous fish swam in that pool, some of proper size as well.

The obstruction forced me to hit the land, and crawl/climb over. Threw one leg over, and the other, landed on my feet only to see this, maybe 3 or 4 feet from where my feet had planted:

That'll wake you up real quick. I think the second snake was a water snake, but it still aided in the stopping of my heart when I dropped off that dead fall. This made the long hike back to the truck interesting. Walk softly.

A sign of the glorified goat population:

Watch your step, friends. Catch ya later, Rattlesnake Mountain.
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    Great picture Congratulations Well deserved recognition of the well done reports and photos