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Monster trout

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Awarded by , 07-27-2015 at 01:57 PM (1020 Views)
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I made it down to the beach this weekend to fish the Hook Line & Paddle TJM tourney down in Wilmington. Fishing was good Friday & Saturday. Caught some nice drum and flounder and one monster trout. Got lucky enough to win the Grand Slam prize on Saturday with a 70.25" slam (Trout 27.5, Flounder 20.75, & Red 22).

Bout had a heart attack when I saw that trout come up beside the boat. Looked like an angry serpent! Needed the trout to complete my slam as I had a red and flounder already. Missed the fish on the first swipe with the net and so glad I didn't knock the lure out of it's mouth. I wouldn't have slept for days and no one would've believed me cause I could tell it was a monster. Beat my pb trout by 2.5 inches. I would have won the Trout division also, but the rules allow only one prize per angler this year. Toba says that is the "Bob Clause" because last year he won red and slam and left with 2 yaks, so they changed the rules . I think it is a good rule change though. It's a charity tourney so spread the wealth. I could just as easily benefit from the rule next year.

The slam prize this year was a Slayer Propel 13 along with paddle, trophy cup, cooler and a few other small items. Productive lures for reds & flounder were topwater and redfish magic spinnerbait. The monster trite was caught on MR27 mirrolure. Some pics from the weekend:

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  1. shaggist's Avatar
    Congratulations! It is great when you have a day like you had, and, have the photos and trophies to remind you that it may be one of the best days of your life. Obviously, you did everything right for it to end like it did. The rest of us are envious, rest assured.
    One question though-who makes the yellow fish tray you used to measure them with? I have not seen one like it before, and it looks to be just about perfect for the job.
  2. turtlestew's Avatar
    Thanks shaggist. The board is called a hawg trough. I fill in the lines with a black sharpie. You can buy them online, just google "hawg trough". I think i got mine at Hook1.