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An old drum and a boy

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Hit the river just before sunset this evening with hopes of putting my number one fishing buddy on his very first old drum. Tossed the net on a pile of menhaden at 8:03 pm. With the amount of bait around me, I was in as good of a spot as any. Sat the power pole down and baited up 3 rods with fresh menhaden. Less than 10 minutes later (hooked at 8:10 according to time stamp on first pic I took of him fighting it), Bryce was fighting his very first old drum and at 8:16 pm he was releasing his very first of hopefully many many more old drum. Fished that spot for another half hour without a sniff and since it was dark pushed out to slightly deeper water. Set anchor on a likely spot and shortly after hooked up again. He got about 15 seconds worth of a fight and pulled the hook. Set the rods back out and a short while later he's fighting another one. This one gave him a workout, but he got it to the boat and just as I grabbed for her she made a last minute surge and got into the trim tabs and broke off. Called it a night after that. Not a bad way to spend 2 hours.

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  1. speedshad's Avatar
    [SIZE=3][COLOR=#000080][B]Fantastic!!! That is what family and fishing is all about !!![/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  2. dbeam's Avatar
    Great job good to see some pics of you out and about.

  3. bojon01's Avatar
    What a memory! He will never forget that and I'm sure you will not either. Can't wait to take my 8 year old next week as the last trip we came up empty handed. Awesome looking Intruder by-the-way!