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Carteret County Flatties, Spanish and our first King

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Awarded by , 08-21-2015 at 10:57 AM (648 Views)
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Caught the 20" flounder in Bogue Sound Saturday morning early casting around the shoreline. Sunday we headed out early and relatively quickly landed what we thought were 3 Spanish on live mullet just west of Beaufort Inlet - all before 8am. By the time we landed the third, we were joined by a dozen boats so we headed up toward the Cape - more boats including 2 netters and their standard flock of birds. So we cruised back, enjoyed the beautiful weather, stopped in Morehead for lunch, and called it a day. We found out later by the experts that the larger of the 3 Spanish was a juvenile king (just legal at 24.5"). Great weekend by our standards, I'm just glad my boys still enjoy fishing with their old man.

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