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Wanna see the biggest 14 year old smile ever?

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Awarded by , 09-21-2015 at 10:18 AM (803 Views)
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First time going for the old drum at Oriental, NC. 5 minutes after anchor the sisters hit a double to start the adventure. First landed was 49 inch female monster, second one in the boat (12 year old had a little help with the rod to fight this beast but did all the reeling herself!) was a 45 inch male. Mom came out on top with the 50 inch trophy of the morning. The 12 year old got a bonus of landing a tagger, so the state will be sending her a trophy hat to go along with these awesome pics! It was lady luck day, only 3 moose before they moved deeper. Next year the boys rotate up to first and second bite, lol. (yeah right!)
::::::::::hoping ncangler will feature the sisters picture on the front page of this site. They both said that was their goal!:::::::::

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  1. aquaholic3720's Avatar
    What a great catch and such big smiles. What constituents a "tagger" and how do you verify that with the state ? If you don't mind sharing what were you using for bait ? Something large I imagine. Tell those young ladies they should be very proud of there catch. I have never seen Reds that big and certainly not that many in one day. Hats off to you. I love to see young people out fishing. Keep up the good work.
  2. lunkerbandit's Avatar
    Thanks aqua. Tagger was my made up slang for a tagged fish. Ali's male had a research tag in it placed there by the state biologists at some point in the past. I've read that Red Drum over 30 inches are probably one year per inch, or 45+ years old?, so only the biologist logs will know when the tag was placed. The captain pulls the little tag out of the fish, calls in the tag info, and the state sends a cap to the angler who caught it for cooperating with the study of the fishery. Bait was tennis ball size cuts of fresh cut mullet. The old drum are only this big, and this many in one trip, during their fall spawning run through the Pamlico Sound into the Neuse, from mid-August to mid-September. That's why we scheduled our charter for that time. I've been hearing about it for years and finally got the trip together. It was as awesome as you can possibly imagine!