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Pisgah Blue Lines

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Awarded by , 09-24-2015 at 10:19 AM (859 Views)
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Today and yesterday a good friend and I headed into Pisgah Forest for some camping and fishing. We're both glass geeks and blue line fishermen and so this trip consisted of both.

We managed several small stream gems of the Rainbow variety yesterday.

They might not be the biggest fish in the mountains of North Carolina, but they are some of the most beautiful.

Today we headed to a different drainage with Brookies in our sights.

Despite low water conditions we managed to get into some Browns and Bows before we made our way up into Brookie territory.

Once we gained some altitude we found the Brookies.

It was a good day on the water even if the fish were a little spooky and uncooperative because of low water. Then again, anytime on a mountain stream makes for a good day, fish or no fish. The day produced wild grand slams for both of us and provided an opportunity to catch fish on a variety of flies. (Including that one I couldn't remember the name of that had been in my box for three years that I'd never used.)

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  1. pantherdev's Avatar
    Saw this yesterday and forgot to comment. Good pictures and story. love the experience of the mountin streams