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Finally a successful report for me! New PR too!

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Sooooo......since we FINALLY had a break in the weather, I headed out this evening for an hour of catching (not fishing for a change) before dark. Was on the water at 615pm. Fished for about 30 minutes with no takers. Was throwing mr17 and a mirro top water I just bought. Was working the shoreline with the mr17 and noticed a huge swirl by my lure, I paused my retrieve.......then WHAM.......FISH ON!! After a 5-8 minute fight (i'm using a light action Pflueger president reel) I landed the first upper slot drum......24in! Nice!

Very next cast......about 30ft to the right of where I just caught the 24in.......WHAM! Fish on again! another 5 minute fight and on board comes a 25in drum! Both these on a mr17 mind you.....a lure that I've had for a while, but never really use as I have no confidence in it. My first fish with this was a couple weeks ago when I managed that fat trout with it. So my confidence is building with this lure! I was using it hoping to find some trout that might have started working their way into the rivers/creeks.

About 4 more casts after the 25in drum.....WHAM......Fish on again! This fish was heavy! Fighting like an over slot drum! Every time I get him close to the boat to try to see him.....the drag started screaming. this point, I had waved over a little Jon boat that was across the river from me. Was a guy with his whole family (wife and like 3 little kids). Told him to come over as I found some nice drum. So they were fishing about 25-30 yards from me when this 3rd fish hits. Anyways.......I finally get him to the surface.......and it's the biggest trout of my life! Finally got him in the net and on board.......24in, 4.4lb pig!!!

Was getting dark at this point, but I didn't want to give switched over to my new mirro top water lure (3 casts later)......WHAM! Fish on again! The smallest of the evening, a 23in drum (who thought he was like 30in the way he fought!)

The only bad part (and it's VERY BAD), was my pic of my personal best trout never turned out! Got back to the dock and the family in the Jon boat just loaded up and asked to see my I whipped out the phone and showed the drum, then another drum, then MY FREAKING FACE (the trout was cut out of the pic!!!!), then the third drum.......NOOOOOOO!!! I almost cried in front of them! I know, I or it didn't happen. They can vouch for me though! I promise! lol. At least the 3 drum came out. I need to invest in a go pro!!!

Anyways, looks like this weather has turned up the bite! Get out and get in on the action!! Good Fishing all!!!
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