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MUCH needed Father/Son Fishing trip

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A trip to the salt was sorely needed and I hadn't had the opportunity to fish with my dad but twice this year, something had to give!

Gave Dad a call Friday to see if he wanted to head down to Charleston to do some fishing Sunday. He jumped at the opportunity and I started getting my gear ready that day. I will say I am SO glad I made the investment to grab a sea striker pier cart, I can't imagine if I had carried everything around all day.

Surf setups:
Penn fathom 25n - star stellar lite 10'
Penn fathom 12 - star stellar lite 9'
Daiwa Revros 3000 - star aerial steelhead 8'6

Left Anderson around 4am and was on the sand around 8am right as the tide started to receed. Went ahead and stopped the cart about 50 yards from the access where we parked to rig up the rods so until we could find a nice trough or hole to fish. Tied a stingsilver on for dad so he could start fishing and hopefully catch some blues for fresh red bait and he started working down the beach a little ways. I got everything rigged up and started to text him to head back down so we could head to the point at the south end of the island but I looked 50 yards down the beach and see him walking back with a good sized fish in his hand, great way to start the day with a 17" trout before a baited hook hit the water!

Headed down to the small jetty where he caught the trout but managed only a few blues on the bottom rig. After 45 minutes or so we started the long walk to the south end of the island, stopping at a couple promising spots along the way with nothing to show for it. When we got to the point I spotted a nice sand bar running perpendicular to the beach. At this point the water was running pretty good and water was pushing pretty hard across the top in to the deeper backside, perfect ambush spot for a predator. Tossed out a cob mullet head right on that edge and picked up my artificial rod, midway through the cast ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Game on boys! Circle hook did the job and after a great fight memories were made high 5s were had and smiles all around! 33" Red hit the sand. Snapped a few pics grabbed a measurement attempted the revive which was apparently offensive as the fish splashed the heck out of me and took off

After that things slowed until after low tide and the water started to come back in. During that period I caught 6 or 7 sea mullet (biggest 13") a lovely pinfish, and a VERY lost oyster toad. As the tide started coming in the blues got thick and you couldn't keep a big bait out at all. Caught several of the little blues and missed one good hit that very may well have been a smaller drum.

Had to get back on the road right as things were looking good, all in all had an awesome father/son fishing day that created a ton of memories. I've never been much of a surf fisherman but the time I've put in to researching and my gear has paid off. Sorry for the novel I don't think I've written a fishing report since May... Hopefully in about a month I'll have plenty of striper stories

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  1. jerry condrey's Avatar
    Good times, fellas, the best of times, Dad and son. My favorite times are with my son Matt. Love to fish, period, but time spent with Matt is special. Good job on the fish.
  2. Scott Hobbs's Avatar
    Those are the best times, great memories to reflect back on later in life. Congrats on some great fishing and great times.
  3. jbfdonn99's Avatar
    Were you down near Charleston? I am heading South of Charleston to Hunting Island and I'm hoping for some Whiting and Trout. What should I be throwing out there?