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Albies and Spanish Galore

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Awarded by , 10-17-2015 at 10:13 AM (548 Views)
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Spent the last 4 days at Ft Fisher chasing Albies and Spanish with my fishing buddy Bobby. Running out of Carolina Beach Inlet you could find all the action you could stand. As soon as you hit the last set of channel markers birds would be showing us the fish. It a lot of run and gun type fishing with fish here busting and by the time you get there they have gone down to come back up where you just left from . Its a fast and furious pace chasing Albies but man is it a blast.

We caught them while trolling at 6 to 7mph for Spanish with Clark spoons, also tossing 3/8 oz Sting Silvers, and on the fly rods with small Clouser's. For the Sting Silvers we were just using our trout setups, 7ft med action rods with a 2500 reel and 10 or 15 pound braid and a 20 pound leader. The first hit they would take off like a rocket and take half the spool of line and just hold on. As time goes by you finally get one to come to the boat.

We weighed this one to see what the average size was.....8 pounds.

High noon trolling Clark Spoons off the beach yielded some Spanish mixed with some blues or if farther out you like a 1/4 mile or better you caught Albies.

This is what you are looking for when the Albies are busting bait. Ease the boat up into the crowd and let the flies rip.

We did catch a couple of nice Spanish.

So if you want to get your game on with some hard fighting fat Albies get out there. Fish are willing to hit lures, doesn't matter your style of fishing. GET SOME
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    Great report Scott