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Belews Blitz 10-24-15

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Was supposed to fish tomorrow, but child care fell through. I'm going to miss it, as it's supposed to be cloudy which is usually good for Belews. My wife felt bad for my wrecked plans, she could see how frustrated I was- I kept quiet and went about our errands, said very little about it, but I'm sure it was on my face. She felt bad for me I guess, and offered to alter her plans to watch the little guy, so as to free me up to go this afternoon. God bless my loving wife.

Launched at 230pm, pulled up to my first spot at 245, something not typical for Belews- a laydown. I was feeling rushed and got careless and didn't watch my boat position; the water is very clear after all the stable weather, and I got too close and put the boat almost on top of the best part of the branches of it. No bites, but I'm betting there were fish there and they just saw me. My error. Motored up to another spot that sometimes produces. Worked that for a bit caught one by pulling the A-rig deep in the channel, but it was a small one and I couldn't get the bite to repeat. Time ticking.

Moved to a popular community spot, no boats, couple surface hits but nothing consistent that I could see that would indicate any numbers of fish. Worked the area for a good while, probably too long. Got a couple small ones on sparse bites, one with a topwater walker, one with an A-rig. The bait was there, but I wasn't seeing much schooling activity and the bites were sparse compared to what I was looking for. I spent too long there trying to create a bite, but eventually moved to a steep rock bank I like. Worked it with the usual shakey head presentation with no takers. Got one on a jerk bait after I saw some fish working shad about 30 yards off. Decided I needed to keep moving, this wasn't it.

Cloud cover was building, surface was pretty calm, and I was running out of time. Had just over 2 hours till sunset and 5 fish caught but I just knew there was a bite somewhere, moved to a creek arm that was pretty hot a few weeks ago. On the way in, I saw a surface boil off to my left at the mouth of the creek arm. Not a place I have caught fish in the past, so I kept moving in. Saw one more about a hundred yards further. Stopped to cast at that one, got one on topwater. Then picked up another. Worked a point that had fish a couple weeks ago, nothing. Moved on in to the area that usually is the hot spot, if they are there. Saw a couple shad balls and one surface boil, but nothing like what I was looking for. It was cloudy by now, and late in the day... have learned enough about the personality of this lake that I knew there was a bite going off somewhere, and I hadn't found it yet. I worked that area about 25 minutes with no further activity; another boat up in there wasn't catching anything either. I decided I was in the wrong spot, and decided to follow the clues I had been given and go back to where I had seen the surface boils. Oh man. So glad I *finally* listened to the fish.

Got back to that area, and within minutes saw surface feeders. Bumped the troller up to max and headed that way. Made the longest cast I could with the topwater walker, and one hit it, missed; after 30 years I have finally learned to not jerk the bait out of the way and I kept walking it along; he hit it again, missed, and then hit it a third time which hooked up. 14 inch fish. This became the theme for the next 2 hours. Fish on sonar, bait on the surface, little pods of shad running scared...this was it. I hunkered down, and worked the water column, and the action was outstanding! Caught fish on topwater when they came up to bust on surface, when it went quiet I trolled with A-rig and Xrap out behind me to cover two depths while I blind casted with other moving baits; when I saw surface action I moved as fast as I could and put the topwater out there. Knowing how clear the water was, I knew they could see the topwater from way down, so I stuck with it, and it paid off. I picked up fish in spurts of action; would get 3 on consecutive casts then go 15 minutes with nothing, then hit another few, and the bulk of them were on the topwater. Catching fish on topwater while in 60 feet of water is so weird to me, but that's Belews. Some on Xrap, few on squarebill, very few on A-rig, one on shakey head, one on red-eye shad. I knew I was in the fish so when it went quiet for a while I would change it up or wait till I saw the surface activity to give away the schools' locations, and kept at it till I got bit again. Topwater was the deal.

Final count was 26 bass in a 4 hour trip, probably 20 of those in the last 2 hours; I'm guessing 18 were spots, and probably 8 largemouth. The bigger fish were generally the LMB, but the exception was the biggest fish being a spot, about 2.5lbs. Probably 50% were keepers, the rest were runts, but what a great evening of hookup after hookup.

Belews is fickle, and it can be hard to find them, but when you do it can pay off. Today it did. I wish like *&#@ I could be there tomorrow with the cloud cover but I am on the more important job of Daddy duty tomorrow, so I'll just have to dream.

Hope you guys get to fish, and I hope you have good skies and tight lines!

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