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Neuse River Domination: Congrats C. Lane

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Awarded by , 11-02-2015 at 12:55 PM (1305 Views)
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A few days ago, C. Lane and I made the decision to compete in the 2015 Pamlico County shriner's annual speckled trout tournament. Our fellow troutsman "trigger22" won last year's slam event, but he's out playing with uncle sam. So we had to represent as best as we could. I have never competed in a tournament, so I was new to the whole thing. This tournament is open to bank, boat, and kayak/canoe anglers. It is judged by the total weight of any 3 speckled trout. We kicked around the idea of using a boat, but a pre-fishing experience showed us that a motor was not necessary.

When we arrived to the captain's meeting with 2 kayaks hanging out of the back of a Z-71, we were chuckled at by several folks. It was then I realized that we were the only kayak fishermen between almost 40 of some of the best speckled trout anglers on the coast. Lucky for us, C. Lane had a plan, and his plan was for us to hurt a few feelings.

We prepped and launched "Plan A" at 0600.

"Plan A" did not work, so we quickly changed it up and initiated "Plan B". We paddled to a spot and started working it. As $60,000 trout boats passed by, I watched C.Lane land back-to-back citations from a 13 ft. Ocean Kayak. One beautiful fish was pushing 7 pounds.

Although not nearly as slaunchy, I still managed to catch a few fish to bring to the scales.

In the end, C.Lane WON the tournament for a prize of $800 and I took home 5th place and $100. Not bad for my first tourney.

One of the best days ever.
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  1. zacharyc's Avatar
    Nice work. And good job on showing fellow competitors what's possible from a kayak.
  2. 2840-FISH's Avatar
  3. Greenmonster's Avatar
    In the words of the French Taunter, Issa VARA NISSA!!!
  4. stripes's Avatar
    Nicely done!
  5. pantherdev's Avatar
    and now you are ready for the next tournament. You did great.