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Lake Norman 12/13-12/14 Report

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Guess I'll go ahead and share

Friday was my 5th wedding anniversary (which I took off) and I had a rare Saturday I had to work. I had a couple more days left to toss some fish up for kayak wars, so I got permission to fish Sunday and Monday.

Sunday was surreal...the fog was so thick. I'll admit being in a kayak in the fog isn't the brightest idea but I figured I'd give it a shot.

Before making it across the channel, I had a boat come up right behind me. Lucky for me that boat was going at a reasonable speed, a safe speed. I quickly realized I should probably have my whistle out. I have never used my whistle...but there it sits...always in my pfd. I came upon a point and hooked into something real nice and after a short fight had the hook pop out. I really wanted to try that point again but I began hearing bass boats...and they certainly were not going slow. I began to troll with whistle in my mouth and planned on making my way to a cove while sticking fairly close to shore. Sure enough a bass boat on full plane comes out of the fog and luckily they heard my whistle blast.

Finally made my way to a cove and decided to deploy some catfish bait while hoping the fog would lift. My trusty rod got tapped first but no connection. Then one of my other rods goes off.

After measuring the fish and letting it go, my last rod goes off.

The fog was very stubborn and took a while to lift.

My buddy finally showed up, and I showed him what looked like another promising cove. Once in the cove my finder lit up. No love on my bait but I dropped a sabiki rig down with a jig on the bottom. First drop produced an 11" crappie and next drop produced an 8" white perch. Then as quickly as they had shown up, they disappeared.

The fog finally lifted and I went out and trolled up some decent spotted bass. Once again, popped into a random cove and got lucky with one stray blue cat and a little channel cat.

Left the area and began trolling up green fish again. Around 4 my buddy told me he had to go. I decided to stay near that point I had that strike in the morning and wasn't began busting around 5:05 and I managed to pick up a couple of hybrid stripers.

So a pretty decent day for me!

That evening my buddy and I weighed Lake Norman again or Badin Lake. I let my buddy choose and he chose LKN and my spring time launch at that.

Once again got there before he did and began trolling around to feel the area out. Picked up a few decent spotted bass before he showed up. Once he got on the water I told him I was going to check out a ledge I like to troll. On the way to the ledge I see seabirds diving on the other side of the lake. I made a mad dash over to the fray and was quickly rewarded with a decent hybrid!

These fish were moving fast, and between wind and tangles, I lost track of them. The wind really began to whip up so I made the trip to a narrow creek I normally find some cats in during the spring and dropped some baits. Decided to take the opportunity to have lunch at this time. The wind was pushing me faster than I like, even being sheltered and I had to work the rudder to slow down. I passed the dock where normally anywhere past it I don't even get bites. I reeled one line in. And as I was putting the rod away I look back and the other line has a fish on it.

Ok...lets try that again. Bait up a second rod and go set up the same drift.

This was the skinniest blue cat I've ever seen but it still fought well. No luck after those two.

Back to trolling. Once I leave the creek, I see birds working again. I'll leave the rest of the story up to a short funny video my friend put together for me.

Left before prime time since I promised the wife I wouldn't be out as late as usual.
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