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New Year's Project: Salty Trout

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Awarded by , 01-14-2016 at 09:13 AM (743 Views)
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I love fishing the river, but when the ICW creeks start popping off, I won't be found anywhere else. Nothing fries up like a 2-4 pound speck from the crystal clear waters of the salt marsh. "Beach fish" (per joe the plumber) can be a bit finicky and very tide-oriented, but this is where I first learned how to trout fish. One thing to keep in mind, any coastal creek loaded with bait in January is probably holding nice trout. Just look for the signs, and fish laterally before you decide to think vertically. Deep holes are usually all the rage this time of year, but my fish are still coming from 2-3' of water or less. Fan-casted MR17's worked over shallow mud flats on the outgoing tide have been tough to beat.

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  1. SmilingSam's Avatar
    Great fishing and thanks for the report. Enjoy those trout.
  2. Get-Luky's Avatar
    They do exist!!!!!!