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Catawba...a tribute.

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Awarded by , 02-04-2016 at 02:30 AM (1416 Views)
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I an very saddened to release the news that Mike Byrne passed this am. It has been a very private matter up until this evening. And out of respect for the family I would like to ask we do not bombarded them with questions. There are folks in this community at are deeply effected by this loss. If you knew Mike you knew how much he meant to everyone. He will be missed and remembered fondly. He was wonderful man . We all have great memories of him . His screen name was "catawba". How about we each share a memory here about our time with him ..

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  1. dbeam's Avatar
    Great choice of pictures Randy.

  2. froggy waters's Avatar
    He was a wonderful person
  3. wademaster's Avatar
    Amen. He'll be missed.
  4. mrpossumtail's Avatar
    What a terrible loss. He was such a nice man.
  5. Blind Squirrel's Avatar
    He was a good man and as a lot of others have said he will surely be missed around the campfire.