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My Bros Getting it Done!!!

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Awarded by , 03-21-2016 at 09:05 AM (471 Views)

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Had an hour to shad fish with my little brother and sister today so headed to the creek. It was very slow and only one person out of five at the creek caught any and it was just a small hick. Right as we were running out of time my little bro "snagged" and then realized he had hooked a monster. Biggest fish of his life and biggest shad I've seen caught in JoCo. He, of course, cared more that me and my sister got skunked then that he caught the shad of a lifetime. Fishing a single pink grub on a jig head. As jealous as I am I'm proud of kid.

Then, insult to injury, on the way home my older brother called and said he caught the biggest trout of his life in Boone.

I made sure he measured it, and it was 17" which tied my old family record, but his was much fatter so he gets the invisible trophy and bragging rights. Been a tough day for team Swampin'. I'm gonna have to hit the shad hard this weekend and then head to the mountains soon to win some of my pride back!

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